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Bookings Update:

The next availability for one-to-one sessions with Penny starts from June 2024.
Available sessions will be shown when clicking "Check Next Availability"

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Caroline , UK

I have been suffering full-on self-doubt and lack of self-belief. No matter what I did, I felt the universe was slapping me in the back. I got a mind-blowing affirmation from Penny which awakened my phoenix. She gave me the words I needed to open myself up again. She is truly an inspiring and knowledgeable Astrologer.

Barnes, UK

Thank you once again for your accuracy and giving me the clarification on why I think, feel, see and do the things I do. Your spirit and energy captured me before I even met you. As I always say, let the universe guide and you will always experience love, kindness and sincerity from the people you meet. One love. Barnes.

Fiona, USA

I had an amazing hour with Penny as she went through a really detailed explanation of my birth chart. It was fascinating. What was most helpful her firm but gentle coaching that ended up giving me lots of stuff to explore in the future. As a result, I enrolled to become a TEFL Teacher and recently qualified! Thank you Penny!

Marianne, Malta

Penny's gentle support and guidance has been extremely beneficial to me. Her clear explanations of the unique aspects, challenges and benefits of my astrological chart have helped me understand and accept myself as well as support my future plans and projects. Penny works not only with my chart but her intuition. Working with Penny has enriched my life.

Maria, Canada

Penny's Natal Chart Session will be something I do for myself each year. It's a super way to check in with yourself, uncover more truth and set intentions for the future.  Penny's Astrology knowledge is second to none and over the years I have been working with her, she has never dissappointed.
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