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I have been suffering full-on with Writers Block, self-doubt and lack of self-belief, and the circle is bigger than just me. No matter what I did, I felt the universe was slapping me in the back when your passion still burns, but your relationships, career, musician pals are all free-flowing and you went back to ground zero - it's difficult to find the path that keeps you on track. I got a mind-blowing affirmation from Penny on my journey through Malta and Gozo which awakened my phoenix. She gave me the words I needed to open myself up again to the possibility that my age my life choices and my situation were not an obstacle but the reason I am ripe and ready for my next journey. She is truly an inspiring and knowledgeable woman in the ways of the stars and the blueprint of your life. I've just written a complete and perfect song about pushing on! After 3 songs came together as one after a dry period - the longest writer's block. I'm going to get it out to the ears that are open and touch some hearts. Watch this space! Namaste.

Caroline Barratt

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