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Sun moves into Capricorn on 21st December

Venus Mercury conjunct in Capricorn

Pluto conjunct Mercury in Capricorn

Uranus in Taurus trine Mercury Venus in Capricorn

Jupiter in Aries square Sun in Capricorn

Retrograde Mars in Gemini opposite the moon in Sagittarius


This year's Winter Solstice heralding the Sun's entry into Capricorn comes just 2 days before the New Moon in Capricorn. We get two opportunities for seed sewing new ideas and plans. The Solstice marks a point in time highlighting some interesting astrological energies to use constructively as we look forward and plan the next three months that take us through to the Spring Equinox. The Pagans celebrated Yuletide at this time of year and saw it as a time of transformation and rebirth. The festival of Saturnalia was also celebrated around this time which was a Roman festival in honour of the God Saturn and they celebrated with feasts and role reversals which raises some interesting questions but in a sense the original Thanksgiving. It lasted from December 17th until the 23rd. So Our planet Saturn is in a very different guise and quite opposite to its astrological symbolism.

There's a sense with the Solstice event chart of change as if the Cosmos is already preparing us for some major astrological changes in 2023.


The mutability of the event chart brings flexibility into people's actions and with the Moon in Sagittarius opposing retrograde Mars in Gemini a sense of moving on from whatever was being highlighted by the recent Full Moon in Gemini. I feel we will experience a softening approach in general negotiations and with Jupiter newly arrived in Aries a determination to move forward with potential solutions to exit from stalemate situations. With Mercury widely conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus keeping pace with them we may well see some tough talk as warring factions try to reach resolutions. This can equally apply to what we're seeing with Ukraine and also with the deadlock situations that the striking workers find themselves in who are desperately trying to make their case in the UK.


Jupiter in Aries is squaring the Sun in Capricorn which brings an image of locked horns so you may need to look at how you can soften any delicate situations with loved ones as there is a wonderful opportunity for relationship healing with Chiron trining the moon. And with Uranus trining both Venus and Mercury in Capricorn spontaneous decisions to connect with friends or loved ones at a distance pays off. And what of the feast of Saturnalia? !

Well, just because we're all having to tighten our money belts this season doesn't mean we can't have fun we have to use some of the spontaneous innovative ideas that Uranus can provide to make sure we all feel entertained and looked after this season.


We're certainly living in interesting times and more often than not pretty challenging times. So if we look at these challenges in a different way and see them as golden opportunities from Saturn our teacher of the Cosmos, then we can allow the psychological and spiritual growth that we all need which enables us to work with the Cosmic energies and not be their victim.

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