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USA Pluto Return Second Hit

Allow the Grace of game changing transformations.

11th July 2022 15:50


Mercury in Cancer conjunct the Sun

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius trine Venus in Gemini

Retrograde Pluto opposite the Sun

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces square the Moon in Sagittarius and Venus in Gemini

Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aries


This is a game changing year again and this brings us to the Pluto return for the USA . Pluto again hits the point of its inception in the chart of the USA by being retrograde. This is more or less the energy of the first half of July. This includes July 4th American Independence Day and notably the 12th which coincides with the Capricorn Full Moon on the 13th. Capricorn hosts Retrograde Pluto so this means July’s full moon is conjuncts the USA Pluto Return. The meaning ? Well Capricorn is the traditional establishment, the old ways of doing things, the old boys club. This is about being on the tipping point of extraordinary reformation and transformation in the structure of how the United States operates within government. There will be a breaking down of the old ways. Leadership changes will follow and a restructuring of core values and beliefs as America has to smarten up its act big time.


The event chart shows us that the ongoing internal pressure for political change in the US will continue to affect the economic outlook for the rest of the planet. If feminine energy is able to push through the American ego, then healing is possible. And a wave of feminine energy is required for the whole planet to transform. Our patriarchal society no longer serves the planet in a beneficial way. And this has been the case for many, many years. Would the war in Ukraine, for example, ever have happened if Russia was led by a woman? Or indeed, if the Russian leader was in touch with his own feminine aspect. The feminine is greatly feared by man. And yet, I feel the way through this particular transit of Pluto is to allow feminine energy and principles to heal our wounds.

The tipping point of these energies implores the planet to wake up and embrace the feminine. To return to a value system of respect for each other, and accommodate the male ego but not castrate it. The Statue of Liberty is about freedom, justice and balance. Once the planet can regain its equilibrium and honour the gift of life, we all then have a chance to build a destiny that future generations will be proud and grateful for.


We can all contribute to positive change and collective healing. We can do this everyday in our own behaviour. Yes! I know we're facing extraordinary difficulties with cashflow, and the basic necessities of life, but unless we collectively make a conscious choice to elevate our awareness to a higher vibration, the change can't happen. We have to work on ourselves individually and help each other through this transformative time. The dawn always comes after the darkest hour.


Is this a bleak forecast? No! It is in fact incredibly exciting. I think we're all aware that none of us can go on like this as our traditional democratic values have become distorted and even though Utopian equality is perhaps an unrealistic dream we’re being given the chance through the Cosmos to begin anew. There's a lovely phrase which is used in counselling “hold on lightly, let go tightly.” and another one “ if you keep on doing what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got.”

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