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With the unthinkable unfolding in Eastern Europe I will analyse the birth chart for Ukraine and the chart of the Russian invasion on February 24th 2022. I will also look at the birth chart of Vladimir Putin October 7th 1952 9:30 am St Petersburg

And Volodymyr Zelenskyy 25th January 1978 at 2pm in Kryvyi Rih Ukraine.

Let’s have a look at Putin first. Sun in Libra, his moon in Gemini, and his ascendant is Scorpio.

As a Libra, ultimately he’s about fair play, and his Gemini moon suggests he gives deep thought before making a decision. However, he has a Scorpio ascendant, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so he has the capacity to play the part of the ruler of Hades, and will always want to have the last word, even if it brings him down.

Volodymyr is sun in Aquarius, his Moon is in Leo. His birth time makes him a Gemini ascendant. So what does this tell us about this extraordinary man. As an Aquarius he is a visionary and a spokesperson for his people, he’s passionate about his vision for the future of Ukraine. His Gemini ascendant means he can communicate his thoughts powerfully, and his Leo moon emphasises his passionate sense of responsibility for the people of Ukraine. And we are certainly seeing how he is defending his people ferociously, and with complete dedication and conviction.

With his natal Sun and Venus in Aquarius, which is also the mid heaven, we can see his determination and belief that he was born to create a better world full of foresight and insight. As a leader he will attract followers, and we can see this clearly in the support he musters.

Jupiter on his ascendant shows us we are dealing with a larger than life personality. It is no wonder he was on the stage, and his Leo moon underlines his desire to entertain the people. The Leo moon makes him charismatic. And he will have plenty of rabbits to pull out of the hat to surprise the people. This man should not be underestimated, and that may have been Putin first mistake.

Let’s look at the Invasion chart with Zelenskyy’s chart to see how he will fare. The first thing that strikes me is that with Aquarius as the mid heaven both transiting Saturn and Mercury are conjunct the mid heaven. What does this tell us? Saturn tells us this is going to take time. There are no quick solutions. Mercury certainly implies the need for collective talks and transparency to seek the truth. The Ascendant for the invasion falls in Capricorn and is in the house of close partnerships in Volodymyr’s chart. This suggests hard work and tough negotiating are the way through, and transiting Pluto, the planet of transformation, in the house of long distance matters shows us that timely intervention by foreign powers is potentially the way forward. What about Volodymyr and his personal safety ? The chart shows us the dangers he faces with the Uranus opposition to his natal Uranus In Scorpio and is in the house of hidden enemies. Also his natal Uranus and opposing transiting Uranus are currently conjunct the nodes. This means the events he is experiencing are karmic and destined and he has a vital role to play in the direction that humanity can evolve towards. He will have to use all the skills and cunning he has to navigate this situation. He does however have an enormous opportunity to transform the attitude of the whole world and will gain enormous respect from world leaders. Finally with Jupiter on his ascendant at birth, this does give him a certain amount of luck in his life, and we can only hope that his luck lasts long enough to see him through this dark night of the soul.

But what about the birth chart for Ukraine?

Interestingly the birth chart for Ukraine has a lot of Aquarius energy. With not only the ascendant but the moon in Aquarius too. The country has its natal sun in Virgo. What does this tell us about the people ? The sun in Virgo tells us that collectively they diligently take care of their country, and leave no stone unturned in seeking to make it the best it can be. The Aquarius energy, through its Ascendant and its moon, shows us they are visionaries and aspire to a higher level of human consciousness, and that they are fixed in their determination to protect their country to the last man standing.

The invasion by Russia puts Pluto the planet of transformation death and rebirth on the country’s ascendant, indicating whatever the outcome the country is going to be changed irrevocably. With Saturn in the first house. It shows a fixed determination to abide by the law, and Saturn's presence tells us this situation is going to take a long time. Saturn is conjunct the moon in Aquarius telling us that the people are restricted held back and stuck. With Sagittarius on the Midheaven conjunct the moon in Sagittarius, this tells us that the truth of the people will prevail. So even though this situation could take a long time into years, that truth wins, and that ultimately the people win. What this all means we will have to wait and see, but the desire for truth and justice prevails. A last word is that Ukraine needs to weed out the enemies within, as the chart suggests there’s a real risk of dark dealings within the elite.

Long term prognosis.

I think that now both Mars and Venus have moved into Aquarius and away from their difficult conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn. that the nuclear threat has stepped back for now. With Aquarius such a dominant energy in this situation, and the links Aquarius has to the internet then we can expect various cyber attacks and the usual spate of misinformation. Banking could be hit hard, but on a spiritual level with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in April, the spiritual outpourings of love and peace will have a tremendous healing energy as the world, or at least a vast majority of the world, come together as one fighting for truth and freedom, and somehow Zelenskyy becomes that symbol of hope for the entire planet.

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