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The Tipping Point ? US Pluto return 2022

20th February

11th July

28th December

Is it a tipping point ? Or a turning point for Putin and Biden.

Vladimir Putin October 7th 1952 9:30 am St Petersburg Russia

Joe Biden November 20th 1942 8:30 am in Scranton PA USA


Every country has a birth chart based on a significant historical event. The birth chart for USA is timed for July 4th 1776 at 4:50 pm in Philadelphia. American Independence Day. On that day the planet Pluto was in Capricorn at 27degrees and 33 minutes. The ascendant for the US was in Sagittarius, and the sun was in Cancer and the moon was in Aquarius.

The sun in Cancer tells us they wanted to build a homeland based on security for all. The ascendant in Sagittarius tells us they were visionaries and that education, knowledge and truth were fundamental to their progress. The Aquarius moon tells us they wished to care for the people and encourage individualism. These were the ideals. And with a balance of cardinal, mutable and fixed energies, they were heading in the right direction for a fairer society. However the element of Earth was missing. They have a fiery ascendant, a watery Sun sign, and their moon is in an air sign encouraging free thinking. But with earth missing what was there to ground them on their flights of fancy ?

Pluto lay undiscovered at this time, and yet from its hidden perspective, brought in the hidden depths of its Capricorn Cardinal energy, and also the grounding of the element earth. Pluto is essentially about transformation, but it can also represent secrecy and danger and the shady underworld that exists in every society. It is death and rebirth.

On February 20th 2022 Pluto returns to its exact location in the sky as it was on the 4th July 1776. This is the first of its exact conjunctions, and the second exact hit is on 11th July 2022 and the final hit is on December 28th.


To understand the significance of this event, the affects of which have been building for several years, and the energetic influence will last for the rest of this year and for most of 2023, in fact, until Pluto moves into the sign of Aquarius in 2024. We need to look at firstly, what was happening in America in 1776, and then we look at the current events in the world. So Independence Day was the culmination of a desperate civil war and it brought the war to a close, and brought a break from Great Britain and the monarchy. Pluto brought massive transformation for the American people, in the way they created a government system to suit the times. The old order crumbled and a new society had to be built on the ruins of the old.

Pluto in Capricorn will always bring change and reform to the governance of countries. And it’s interesting that the last few years have seen the current ways of governing challenged and in need of a change, and maybe some fresh young blood to shake up the system.

The world always watches the US closely for which way it chooses to turn, as dramatic change in the US affects the rest of the world significantly, and more often than not it’s the economic status that gets hit.

The potential for significant world changes, including the fall of governments and street fighting as the people rise up against the authoritarianism of some governments could be something that is experienced at this time. Pluto amongst everything is determined to transform society and governments even if it takes several years.

How this may play out can be observed quite literally by looking at current events in the news. So with the eyes of the world watching the events unfold in Eastern Europe, we have to trust that whatever is stripped away will ultimately be for the common good. So pay attention to the dates leading up to and beyond February 20th. Then by July 11th we will experience a dilution of these energies as the main danger seems to be averted. Finally, events may hot up by the final exact Pluto hit on December 28th, but this will be just the beginning of a long term transformation and resolution.


So on a personal level be aware of where your energies are drawn to around this time. Your fears or weaknesses and your strengths, and look at how you can address your current issues through this year, as you move towards the transformative energies at the end of December, with the final hit from Pluto.



Based on current events I thought it might be interesting to look at how two of the current big players are affected personally, by this Pluto return. So Vladimir Putin has his Sun in Libra, his moon in Gemini, and his ascendant is Scorpio. whereas Joe Biden has his Sun in Scorpio his moon in Taurus and an ascendant in Sagittarius.

Let’s have a look at Putin first. As a Libra ultimately he’s about fair play and his Gemini moon suggests he gives deep thought before making decisions. However he has a Scorpio ascendant, and Pluto rules Scorpio, so he has the capacity to play the ruler of Hades, and will always want to have the last word even if it brings him down.

What about Biden ? With his sun in Scorpio along with both Mars, Mercury and Venus he has hidden depths we have yet to see, and as a Sagittarius ascendant he’s not afraid to take risks. He has an inner fire and resolve none of us may have been aware of yet. I would say don’t underestimate Joe Biden, he has hidden depths and an ability to play just as dirty as his potential adversary Putin. Biden’s Taurus moon means he’s logical and loyal to the will of the people ultimately.

So Pluto is a significant planet for both leaders as it’s their ruling planet. We know that the way out of these situations is through diplomacy and transparent communication. But with Scorpio and Pluto featuring so strongly in both their charts. For sure there is the potential for underhand and top secret dealings.

Putin has Pluto on what’s known as the MC of his chart at birth in Leo, this for me shows how important it is for him to be the most powerful leader on the planet. The MC is our life goal and direction. His natal Pluto is currently in opposition to transiting Saturn in Aquarius which tells us for the need for him to take matters slowly and abide by the rules or face the consequences.

Biden has his natal Mars opposite transiting Uranus. Telling me that Biden could shock us all.


The one thing it’s important to do with these energies is stay grounded and have faith in truth and justice prevailing. But by 2024 I think the world will have changed dramatically. And America as we know it now could be in a very different place due to their Pluto return.

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