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The Law of Attraction - The Real Truth Behind Manifestation

1. The law of attraction is vastly misunderstood and misused. We tend to have a distorted understanding. So here, I attempt to demystify this amazing energy and show you how to co-create with the Divine, and ‘intend’ this neutral energy into positive form.

2. Control versus the flow. Control blocks us from the unexpected and serendipity. Human beings find it very difficult to live with uncertainty. But the fact is, nothing is certain. If we are able to stay in the present, we’re not worrying about what we have no control over. Then the fact that the future is uncertain ceases to be such a problem. We have to be in perfect alignment with the vibration of what is for our highest good. When we try to control outcomes, or are too fixed on a particular result. We block the Divine flow.

3. So how do we recognise the signs ? Synchronicity. Where two seemingly unrelated events continue to align in a way that our awareness is drawn to them, and our intuitive sense that the synchronous event is a sign from the Divine.

4. My way or thy way. When it is my way we may not be in alignment with what’s best for us. This doesn’t mean we can’t have concrete goals, but it’s about getting out of your own way and allowing the Divine to sort out the steps needed towards your goal. However, if your goal doesn’t manifest it’s because the Divine has something better in mind for you, this is why it’s so important to allow your energy to be flexible, and work in harmony with the flow. You won’t be disappointed with the direction the Divine takes you. The Divine wants you to be happy and to be in a win win situation.

5. This can go wrong when we don’t ‘get out of our own way’. This is when we allow our mind and overthinking to dominate, and this will block the flow of the Divine and the intuitive gut feelings that the Divine communicates to us. So we have to align ourselves with our desires. We have to take action, but right action

6. Understanding the way the mind works and how you respond to events is key. Knowing oneself very well is extremely important. We also need to know what we want. The Divine needs clear direction.

7. Self development through therapy is one of the best ways. But it’s no good paying it lip service, getting to know the self is a lifetimes journey. Finding the right therapist is also important. Meditation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, are also incredibly helpful ways towards us learning about ourselves. We happily invest in make up, face creams , the best wardrobe and the right diet. But when it comes to investing in our mind, to discover how our thoughts, for example, can limit and block us. Then many people are less inclined to invest the time and money on knowing themselves.

8. Visualisation boards. Do they work ? My experience shows me they limit. As we are focusing on a fixed outcome, the red car, the perfect mountain chalet, the beautiful villa by the sea. These images we find in magazines for example keep us in the fixed outcome state rather than allowing the Divine to show us and guide us towards a far better alternative.

9. Tarot, Horoscopes, Psychics. This can manifest as an addiction to a longed for outcome. I come across clients who become obsessed with knowing what’s going to happen, and depend religiously on the turn of a card. The Tarot, for example, used in a sensible way, can be extremely helpful and offer guidance and insight into certain situations. But continual use causes unhappiness and confusion almost as if the cards are teasing us, and giving us a lesson in right usage. Astrology, also cannot predict definite outcomes. Astrology can show you the areas of your life where the energy is positive, too, for example begin a new relationship, change your job etc. Astrology is also incredibly useful for understanding our inner self and our psychological makeup. It shows us where we have come from and how that may help or hinder us. Then it can show the best way to use these cosmic energies to live a fulfilling life. It can also for-warn us of problems that may come in certain areas of our lives, and therefore how to prepare and manage for the best possible outcome.

10. Once I fully realised that the Divine knew so much better than me, and I fully let go, and had faith in the direction I was being urged to follow, then the sense of freedom was enormous, as I realised to get to where I want to be, and to have what I thought I wanted, that if I gave the responsibility fully to the divine, then my faith in the Divines guidance allowed me to make necessary course directions, based on the signs given through my intuition, and to be brutally transparent and honest with myself, in what was best for me in my life, and what belonged to old intentions and dreams which were no longer appropriate. That it’s OK to change my mind. It’s OK to let go of the past. That’s what’s meant for me will come whatever I intend, and that what’s not meant for me I may get, but soon realise why the Divine blocked this path so many times.

11. We cannot control another’s destiny. The most important truth. This brings huge personal suffering through narcissistic egotistical inflation that we have the power to make a particular person be ours, if we succeed then the outcome will quite possibly be unfulfilling and potentially very painful.

12. For two people to unite their paths. Their vibrations have to align and they both have to want the same thing.

13. Reverse that. Would you want to think someone had that amount of control over the universe, that they can make you do what they want ?

14. The real truth of manifestation is far wiser than we can comprehend, and when we become sorcerers apprentices to the master we create personal internal pain. Trust and Faith are the keys to mastering your intentions and dreams. Allow the creativity of the divine to run through your dreams and ideas, and together you co create with the mastery of the Divine.

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