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THE LAW OF ATTRACTION 2: Why are the words we use so important?

In this second video/blog I’m working my way further into the details of how manifestation truly works, and what steps you can take to fine tune your energies, to match the vibrations of your desires.

Why are the words we use so important? Have you heard the saying “Be mindful of your self-talk as it’s a conversation with the universe.”? Why does this matter? And why should it make any difference, as surely a word is just a word, and the same word may sound, and be written differently in different languages. But however, a word is written, or pronounced, in whatever language, the essential meaning is the same. That word will always connect the speaker, with the unique vibrational meaning of the word.

Let’s analyse the actual word, “word”.

“A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.”

But where did the word “word” come from?

Here we learn, that before the year 1400 the word was spelled origyne, and meant the “fact of arising from some ancestor.” The word was borrowed into English from the Old French origine which, in turn, came from the Latin orīginem, meaning “begining, source or birth.” That word, in turn, came from the Latin orīrī, ...

A book I’ve mentioned many times is Florence Scovel Shinn’s The Game of Life and how to Play It.

The very first sentence in her book, and, interestingly in Genesis in the Bible is “In the beginning was the word and the word was God “. So, what was she trying to convey to us with this opening sentence from the Bible?

The word God means different things to different people. And let’s stay with the word used by most English speaking countries. Within this context, some people will use the word full of love and devotion, some will curse with it, and others may be taken back to childhood memories of trauma, experienced in the name of God.

And what does the word “God” mean?

God: the supreme or ultimate reality: such as.

a: the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped (as in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism) as creator and ruler of the universe Throughout the patristic and medieval periods, Christian theologians taught that God created the universe …—

But let’s come to the word, as a “word”, and why it was used in the first sentence of the Bible. The sentence tells us that the “word,” the origin, the beginning, is the word, “God.” This was the way the authors of Genesis wanted to convey the meaning of this greater, larger than life, incomprehensible essence, or vibration. My understanding is that words have vibrations, let alone their individual meanings. We all collectively respond to the word “God” in slightly different ways. So, what might connect one person with the all of the all, for another person connects them with disappointment, fear, trauma and so on.


So, what a word means to you is intrinsically important. If the word “God” doesn’t vibrationally align you, with the inner meaning and understanding you have, for the generalised use of the word “God”, then using that word, will not bring you the comfort and freedom, of knowing that the Divine, (my word) has your back. This is why the choice of the words we use is so important.

To connect fully with the Universe /Divine Source /Intelligence/ God.

The word you use has to mean in every fibre of your being, on every vibrational level, that you have that complete faith and connection with the Divine (God)

You have to feel within, what connects you to that vibration? It can be any word you choose! As long as it is in alignment with it’s true meaning, and installs in you an ability to have absolute FAITH.

So, if the word ‘God’ doesn’t do that for you then it’s not your word. Your word might be Angel, or a loved one in spirit, it just has to be the word that connects you to that meaning for YOU. So not necessarily the word I would use, it has to be your word.

So back to, or forward to, why do the words we use matter so much? Think about how you mindlessly talk to yourself. I suspect a lot of the time you’re not very kind or nice to yourself. It’s very helpful to stand back from this self-talk, and think about whether you would speak to others, in the same way you talk to yourself. And is it actually a parents voice? Or a teacher’s voice taking the role of your inner critic?

Negative self-talk grinds us down, causes dysfunctional thinking, and keeps us locked on a hamster wheel of self doubt. People say they can’t change. They’re made that way. It’s their character, or my mother was like this. I’d like to suggest that you can change, and you can reprogram the way you think. The first step is the awareness of one’s negative thinking. The next step is knowing you can change, and then seeking out the best route for you to follow, to promote that change. The brain has an amazing capacity to change, and learn new things. By starting to believe that’s possible, then the change is already happening.

In conclusion. The words we use have vibrational energies which affect us at a deep cellular and soul level.

Therefore, by selecting mindfully words of joy, praise, happiness we begin the task of elevating our vibrations into alignment with our desires and the desires of the Divine. Once we feel confident, and empowered in our deep being, it’s so much easier to go with the flow that the divine is opening up to us.

When we’re in a good place on an inner level, it’s much easier to see and sense the relationships we wish to attract into our lives, which are in alignment and bring mutual growth, love and happiness. As when we feel good, we’re much more likely to be attracted to someone who has the same higher vibration as us. These are souls we need in our lives.

The same applies to our soul direction and career path. We achieve much more from a place of self worth and self knowledge. Talents or hobbies we put down as not a proper job. Suddenly become new potential for us and we see new doors open up.

Signs from the Divine are very simple and right under our noses. Don’t look and you will see. But do ask and you will receive. Use your words wisely with thought. It’s our careless lazy thinking that trips us up.

The Divine wants you to shine, but she needs your cooperation.

In the next Law of Attraction video, I will be helping you see how to ask the Divine for what you want, how to use the right wording, and how to recognise the path ahead as the best path. How to co create with the Divine.

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