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IF You've done the work you get the prize.


Aspects :

Saturn square Aquarius all month

October 7th Mercury trine Pluto

October 8th Pluto direct

October 12th Mars square Neptune

October 12th Sun trine Saturn

October 14th Venus trine Saturn

October 23rd Mercury trine Saturn

October 28th Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces

Saturn in Aquarius goes direct on the 23rd*


We've been enduring this square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus since mid-2021. And this October they make their fourth and almost exact final square which can bring resolutions and sudden change in certain problematic or challenging areas of our lives if we've done the work. So, what do mean by this? The beauty of astrology is how it gives us the astrological climate of the energies affecting different areas of our lives. The challenging side is knowing what's happening and knowing how to work with it. Uranus is about innovation inspiration and truly thinking outside of the proverbial box. Saturn restricts us but mindfully reminds us of past cycles and how to not keep repeating patterns that bring the same bad results. The suddenness of a Uranus inspirational idea as opposed to the subtlety of Saturn's restrictions and sense of timing reminds us that timing in all things is everything.


We can already see what's unfolding on the world stage the United States continues to endure internal turbulence and a certain ex-President may be getting his comeuppance. The economy of the UK is in turmoil thanks to the party leadership changes which see the British economy on a precipice of unpredictable outcomes. The world economy is equally unstable and will not be helped by the reckless and inappropriate budgeting borough in by the new UK government. Let's now look at Europe and in particular the situation in Ukraine and Russia. The spiralling events of late September caused by the Russian President's paranoia and persecution complex and the possibility of him losing his grip on power at home are classic Saturn Uranus Square energies in full glory. And the precipice of an unpredictable future and the very survival of our planet is typical acting out of the drama rather than those involved doing the inner work and reflection on how their egos and narcissism projected into the outside world are causing this dangerously delicate state of affairs.

The Saturn Uranus Square has borough the opportunity for the main players in whichever part of the world they are featured to go within and weigh up the costs of their threatened actions. Their egos threaten our destruction even though they go down too. Is this a bit dramatic? Yes and no. This is the worst-case scenario what the Saturn Uranus square suggests is because both planets are retrograde these significant leaders need to learn from history from the past and that there can be no winners if it's at the expense of common sense. Just a small shift and awakened sense of awareness can swing the outcome positively. The good news is that Uranus is about waking up and human consciousness being elevated. So collectively we have to have faith that enough people out there can persuade the blind to see.


Well if you've listened to the above the idea is to dilute the energy to a more personal level and reflect on the life area where you've had the most focus and challenges and changes over the last couple of years. That will give you the best insight as to what these two planets have been encouraging you to address, how much do you reflect on your inner self? How often do you look at where you may be self-sabotaging through repeated patterns? How often do you look at what you project on others and contemplate on whether this projection is actually about you and what you may be finding it difficult to look at? How often do get caught in blame? And how often do you not take responsibility for your thoughts deeds and actions? These are the kind of self-reflecting questions we should constantly ask ourselves. And the Saturn Uranus square has been giving us the opportunities even the painful ones to grow and learn and change what does not serve you, how often do you “sit” with the uncomfortable feelings? The feelings that are gifts from our psyches to change and find healthier ways to relate to each other and to improve our sense of self-worth? When we have positive mutual regard for ourselves and others the problems that we fret about have ways of resolving themselves. These are all the gifts of this challenging Saturn Uranus square, look to your past patterns wake up and consciously choose to make healthier choices. Then watch how life changes in a healthier way


This has been a tough few years in reality and astrologically but if we do the work recommended by the planetary aspects it makes life so much easier and we can breathe.

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