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Saturn In 2024

What Gifts Will Saturn Give You In 2024?


Saturn: Astronomy Facts


Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in our solar system. It's known for its prominent ring system, composed mostly of ice particles and dust. The planet has a low density, which would allow it to float in water. Saturn's atmosphere is primarily hydrogen and helium, with various atmospheric features, including a hexagonal storm at its north pole. Its prominent moon Titan is larger than Mercury and has a thick atmosphere, featuring lakes and rivers of liquid hydrocarbons.


What Does Saturn Represent In Astrology?


Saturn is seen as the shadow, the devil or Satan himself, and yet if we understand that Saturn has two sides and represents the handsome Prince metaphorically then we come much closer to working with Saturn's energies that take us to such dark places that if we have the faith and knowledge that Saturns task is for us to grow and achieve our best potential then we can learn to stop fearing him but love him as the bringer of necessary challenges that enable us to grow into our full potential.


The planet of timing is the promise of the golden age symbolised by Cronos. Saturn is the planet of boundaries.


In astrology, Saturn is associated with discipline, responsibility, structure, and limitations. It is often seen as a symbol of authority, maturity, and the consequences of one's actions. Saturn's influence is believed to shape a person's approach to work, commitment, and long-term goals. It is also associated with challenges, obstacles, and lessons that contribute to personal growth and development. The position of Saturn in an individual's astrological chart is thought to influence their approach to responsibility and the challenges they may face in various aspects of life.


Who Was Saturn In Mythology?


In Roman mythology, Saturn was the god of agriculture and harvest. He was often depicted with a sickle or scythe, highlighting his association with farming and the passage of time. Saturn was identified with the Greek god Cronus, who, according to mythology, was the leader of the Titans and the father of the major gods, including Zeus (Jupiter in Roman mythology). The myth of Cronus/Saturn involves the overthrow of the Titans by the younger generation of gods, symbolizing the cyclical nature of time and the succession of generations in the cosmos.



Key Transits For Saturn In 2024

  • Saturn starts the year in Pisces Direct.

  • January 1st: Venus in Capricorn squared Saturn in Pisces setting the tone for the year.

  • February 28th: Mercury in Pisces conjunct Saturn in Pisces Requires boundaries on our thinking and speech.

  • March 21st: Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces A promise of security in relationships also a sense of self-worth is achieved.

  • April 10th Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces people try to push and breakthrough necessary boundaries arguments ensue.

  • June 29th Saturn goes retrograde in Pisces at 19°25’. A slowing down and an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and on difficulties yet to be overcome.

  • August 16th Mars in Gemini square Saturn Rx in PiscesTough talk.

  • August 19th Venus in Virgo opposite Saturn Rx in PiscesAnxieties can emerge within relationships highlighting insecurities.

  • November 15th Saturn in Pisces goes direct at 12°41’.


Saturn will enter Aries on 26th May 2025 and will be conjunct with Neptune in Aries around the 8th, 9th, and 10th of June 2025. There will be new beginnings when these 2 powerful energies link up next year.



When the disciple knows Saturn as the God who offers opportunity and does not only feel him to be a Deity who brings disaster then he is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically

Alice Bailey, Esoteric Astrologer


Satun In Pisces And The Houses

Following is a list of the houses for each sign and where you will find Saturn in Pisces. Based on the Rising Sign, but check out your Sun Sign too.



12th house is the inner you where you can feel restricted and imprisoned but also your intuition and psychic abilities.



11th house hopes wishes using the internet to constructively connect with the wider community.



10th house. Your career or passion your soul path becoming more public.



9th house. Higher education. Truth and Justice, spiritual enlightenment.



8th house Joint finance pensions investments. Hidden secrets shadow work transformation.

Sex and endings that transform as golden opportunities.



7th house Relationships especially significant relationships and business partners.



6th house Daily routine. Pets. Health. Service to others.



5th house Fun. Entertainment. Love affairs, creativity the arts and children.



4th house. Home and family. Early home life, parents and ancestry and genealogy.



3rd house. Your local community. Transport. Communication. Writing and collating information.



2nd house. Your material possessions and how you manage your finances. What you do for a living to accrue stability. Also your self-worth and how you value yourself.



1st house. Who are you? And what side of you do you choose to show to the world? How others experience you.


The gift of Saturn is ‘time’ and the opportunity to reflect and learn from our mistakes. To find new and innovative ways to structure our path forward. If you learn from Saturn's lessons you will be blessed with the promised Golden Age.


Words: Penny Dix

Edit: Andrea Britton

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