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The Tide Turns

Get real with dreams, time waits for no one


Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

Sun opposite Moon in Virgo one day after Full Moon

Mars in Gemini square Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo

Jupiter conjuncts Chiron in Aries

Mars in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries


The long-awaited much talked-about entry of Saturn into the water sign of Pisces happens on March 7th 2023. Let's look at the energy first as Pisces being the 12th sign of the Zodiac shows us that Saturn is once again completing it's 29-year journey around the Zodiac. It spends approximately 3 years in each sign. The symbolism of the completion of this particular journey can be found in our own inner reflections on what we've learned in the last 29 years. Saturn rules Capricorn and co-rules Aquarius the sign it's now leaving. How will the unbounded energies of Pisces fare with Saturn's conservative and restrictive influence? Let's look at the last time Saturn was in Pisces...


Saturn last toured Pisces between May 1993 and April 1996, (with some retrogrades). This transit began with a senate committee on the effect of violent video games on young minds, set off by the breakaway hit Mortal Kombat. So there were restrictions on what we could view for example. Also, there was a kind of moral code that emerged at this time and it's more than likely we will see restrictions brought in around addictive behaviours and substances this time round. Saturn can be about morality and the energy of Pisces is not inclined to enjoy these kinds of restrictions. Think back if you are middle-aged to what was happening for you in the mid-nineties, how have you changed? What do you need to change with regard to your own unboundaried weaknesses? Saturn can help us contain the overwhelm of random thinking and paranoia and bring realism into the sometimes illusory energy of Pisces. Saturn can bring clarity.


It's more than likely that the pharmaceutical industry will come under fire with rules and restrictions and regulations to cope with the exploitation and gross profits enjoyed by many of the big pharmaceutical company's including enquiries into the Covid Vaccine and action is taken towards any abuse of circumstances that can be uncovered. The ongoing war in Ukraine may move further afield to include a fight for access to the Black Sea and may cause strong opposition from countries that border the Black Sea. The ongoing drug problem worldwide will see further restrictions as Saturn works constructively to set better boundaries and rules in dealing with the problem. So tough justice will ensue for the traffickers and dealers.


Look at where Saturn is natally in your chart as you may be experiencing a Saturn return if you are 29, 59 or 89. Think back to what you experienced last time if you are on your second Saturn return. As that can give you a good indicator as to how you may be affected this time. You may be experiencing Saturn conjunct with your Sun or Moon and this can represent a slowing down and taking stock of what comes next. Saturn is about limitation so look at where Pisces falls in your chart and see where you need to bring in more boundaries. Saturn is about timing so where in your life do you need to slow down, reflect and sense the timing with more discernment of, for instance, launching new ventures. Saturn also represents our shadow side so what areas of your life do you need to face some realities? Pisces can conveniently smoke screen our knowing and yet can also be the ultimate key TO our knowing.


The event chart has Pluto on the descendant the other major energy dwelling on the threshold of a new era. Saturn is in the 7th house suggesting commitment to our visions of the future especially in relationships while Pluto brings up the rear with his promise of transformation for the collective. There's no doubt we are entering a time of significant change and as with all major astrological shifts it's best to go willingly rather than kicking and screaming.

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