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And so it begins. When Pluto moves. The transformative power of progress is inevitable


Pluto in Aquarius sextile Sun in Aries

Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Pisces

Pluto in Aquarius square North Node in Taurus

Moon in Aries square Pluto


Pluto was last in Aquarius between 1778 and 1798 - a tumultuous period in history that saw the industrial revolution, the French revolution, the Enlightenment, and the ratification of the US constitution. What will we see this time? Technological advances? Contact with ET? Revolutions? Traditional ways of governing overthrown? We are certainly entering a very exciting and extraordinary new age. But let's look first at the symbolism of Pluto in the sign of Aquarius.

Whilst Pluto was in transit through Capricorn we saw the breaking down of traditional values represented by Capricorn. And it seems the energy of Pluto built slowly as it challenged the heart of American traditions and politics and the rise of far-right extremists. We've endured a pandemic and also of course the first war in Europe since the second world war.

Who is Pluto? Pluto is also known as Hades and is the God of the Underworld. He is about death, rebirth, and transformation he is the original Phoenix rising from the ashes of what has been destroyed so he could be seen as a necessary ending which seems like the dark night of the soul ultimately leads to positive and powerful transformation. Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th house. He is fluid water the depths of the deepest ocean and fixed in his knowledge for the need for constant death and rebirth. He is all that is secret and dark but promises the alchemical golden awakening of the transformation of your very soul.

And how will Pluto fare in the sign of technology Aquarius? What does Aquarius represent? As an Air sign and the 11th sign of the Zodiac it's energy is fixed. Aquarius is the water bearer and symbolises the gods bringing the essential nutrients to us on earth, so the transformative powers of Pluto in this sign suggest enormous change and transformation, huge shifts in technologies and in human consciousness. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is known as the great awakened and for sure humanity will not recognise how far it's grown in 20 years.


How will this energy affect the way we run our countries? Well, for sure the old school network way of operating will I believe end up dead and buried as elections in various parts of the world see the people giving the new thinkers the younger generations appearing more grown up than the so-called adults and being elected into powerful positions of leadership. This is the change the world needs and we will see the glimmer of this during the next couple of years before Pluto fully moves into Aquarius in 2024. Warfare whether it's the ongoing conflict in Ukraine or just the general tensions between various countries feeling hard done by and wanting more power. The likelihood is that we will see more cyber warfare attacks on banking systems and attempts to disrupt our means of communication. For sure technological advances and Artificial Intelligence will see huge growth. Every home by the end of 2044 will have automated help far superior to Siri and Alexa. Space travel will naturally increase and what about ET? Will this be the time we finally get definitive evidence that we are not alone? Well, it wouldn't surprise me and one has to wonder if the recent alleged sightings over parts of America of UFOs are not a gentle preparation by our governments to test the waters and awaken the collective to the fact were not alone.


Firstly I want to say do not fear this major transit of Pluto. These outer planets have generational energies and their movement is so slow for us on an individual level that it's more about acknowledging their presence in the part of the chart they occupy for you and in some ways forgetting all about them. But in general, it's more the collective experiences that we will notice that I have just been mentioning. On a personal level, I think we will feel lighter and more open and less held back by tradition. More of us may feel rebellious and moved to make our feelings felt about the injustices in the world. We're likely to be realising that if we don't keep our tech skills up to date and have smart devices we're going to get left behind. There's no doubt this is going to be a struggle for some older generations. Some of us will fiercely resist the push towards a cashless society but there's an inevitability about this that we can't avoid. I don't even want to go down the path of electronic payment implants but all these systems are very probable and there will be huge resistance from many.


Pluto is probably the most powerful of all the planets and yet in physical size the smallest and a dwarf planet. There's no way of avoiding the transformative change that Pluto can bring. And as I often say it's the course of least resistance that ultimately empowers you and places you in the best position for yourself.

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