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One of the big changes for this year is that the nodes change signs. Let me explain what they are and why that’s important.

So The lunar nodes (they’re also known as the points of destiny) they are the points in the sky where the Moon and Sun cross paths. ... In astrology, the lunar nodes of the Moon are divided into two: the North Node and the South Node. The north node, also known as the Dragons head, is where we are destined to go in this life. And the South Node, the Dragons tail, is where we’ve come from, and what karma we’ve brought in from our past lives. It sits exactly 180 degrees away from the north and represents where your karmic journey begins.

January 19th 2022 the North Node moves into Taurus bringing the South Node simultaneously into Scorpio. The nodes are always directly opposite each other. So how will the shift into Taurus and Scorpio affect us ? Well with Uranus our planet of unexpected developments, also in Taurus, we may see volatility in the financial sector and general economy due to Taurus representing anything connected with finance. The north node will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus at the beginning of August, so we could well get a clearer picture of how our economy is going to pan out at this time. The North Node is urging us to be as mindful as possible, as decisions made this year will affect the long term financial future of the planet. Whereas the South Node in Scorpio, tells me we are reaping what we’ve sown. I explain the areas of your life the nodes will impact for your individual Zodiac readings for each sign in the YouTube video Overview for 2022

The Nodes show us where we will experience the Lunar and Solar eclipse this year.

Full Moons

Wolf Moon January 17th Cancer

Snow Moon February 16th Leo

Worm Moon March 18th (spring equinox March 20th) Virgo

Pink Moon April 16th Libra

***Flower Moon May 16th (total lunar eclipse)Scorpio

Strawberry Moon June 14th Sagittarius Summer solstice June 21st/22nd

Buck Moon July 13th super moon Capricorn

Sturgeon Moon August 11th Aquarius

Harvest Moon September 10th (autumn Equinox September 22nd) Pisces

Blood Moon October 9th Aries

***Frost Moon November 8th (total Lunar Eclipse) Taurus

Cold Moon December 7th Gemini

Winter Solstice December 21st

New Moons

January 2nd in Capricorn

February 1st Aquarius

March 2nd Pisces

April 1st in Aries


April 30th partial solar eclipse in Taurus


May 30th Gemini

June 29th Cancer

July 28th Leo

August 27th Virgo

September 25th Libra


October 25th partial solar eclipse Scorpio


November 23rd Sagittarius

December 23rd Capricorn

Mercury moves retrograde in Aquarius on 14th January direct on February 4th expect internet problems.

Mercury in Gemini goes retrograde on 10th of May Mercury goes direct in Taurus 3rd June communication anything written.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo from 24th September

Mercury in Virgo goes direct on the 2nd October you may overlook important details.

Mercury moves retrograde in Capricorn on December 29th direct in Capricorn on January 19th 2023 work problems.

This year sees what’s known as the Pluto return in the USA and this could see a breaking down of the old way of doing things, and a huge surge towards political reform and change. The most significant month is February, but the energy will be around all year. We we will also experience the energies we’ve experienced in 2021 from the Saturn Uranus square, the energy continues to exert an influence over, for example, finance and the world economies so restrictions and volatility can still be experienced.

Jupiter moves into Pisces on 30th December 2021. Notable about this is it co rules Pisces, and it has an important conjunction with Neptune, the other ruler of Pisces, in April between 9th and 17th exact .

Pisces is our sign of hidden depths and spiritual values, and to have both Neptune and Jupiter conjunct is quite awe inspiring. Jupiter can represent our spiritual leanings, and along with its expansive nature it creates an inspiring sense of collective faith, whilst combined with the hidden and emotional depths of Neptune, the fact that they have this conjunction in the sign they rule, Pisces, seems to suggest a collective awareness that there must be more to life, and a yearning from people to connect with their own spiritual truths. We may see mass group meditations to heal the planet, also group intention experiments to bring about the positive changes needed on every level of society, throughout the entire planet.

The emergence of a new world spiritual leader or inspirer could come with this energy. And I feel the Catholic Church will be working hard to clean up its act.

On a personal level this energy can be used to connect with our spiritual centre inside, and if that’s something that has been very lacking in our lives it would be a great time to at least open up to the possibilities that there is much more to life and the universe than we can care to imagine.

There’s a short window of opportunity for this spiritual growth, as on the 11th May, it goes into Aries, but it goes retrograde at the end of July and goes back into Pisces on 29th October, but by December 21st it has moved back into Aries and so begins a short stay till May 2023 when it moves into Taurus.

What can we expect from Jupiter in Aries ? Well it’s good news for those born under the sign of Aries, and, if you have personal planets in Aries, then as Jupiter is in conjunction with each particular planet it brings opportunities for positive expansion within the area represented by the planet. For example Jupiter conjunct your natal sun in Aries, brings opportunities for the person, but one has to take considered action, as fire on fire could get too hot, so it’s important to use some caution to negate the expansive energies of Jupiter. In other words situations can get too hot whilst Jupiter is in Aries. As Aries is ego we all have to guard against ego inflation.

On the 3rd March Pluto, Venus, and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn.This could see yet another push from the feminine towards more equality in the workplace, this conjunction is trined by the north node in Taurus, so the angst will be about equal pay. And with Eris making a square to this conjunction, we could see women taking to the streets demanding quite forcefully their rights.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 29th until October 8th, so Pluto is really endeavouring to give the traditional institutions another chance to clean up their acts to get equality.

So we have a Mars Venus conjunction in mid February, and exact on 13th the day before Valentine’s on the 14th in Capricorn, then also at the beginning of March, so that can be very interesting if love and relationships are what you’re interested in. And with them both being in Capricorn, it could be that you and another make a serious and lasting commitment to put down roots together.

When Mars and Venus move in to Aquarius internet dating could be in the headlines. They’re in Aquarius from 7th March and they’re conjunct.

A general slowing down again through the summer, with not only Pluto, but Saturn retrograde between June 4th until 23rd October

Neptune retrograde from 29th June

Uranus retrograde 24th August

So similar energies around to the summer of 2021, but with the opportunity to get things more online if this was not possible in 2021

So a year of change coupled with the potential for growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Life ultimately is what we make it and if we move with the flow of the astrological energies then it becomes so much easier to achieve our goals.

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