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Restriction versus Freedom

“Frustrating delays ultimately bare fruit. Have faith”


Sun in Libra till 23rd then moves into Scorpio

Mercury in Virgo goes direct on the 2nd *

Mercury moves into Libra on 11th

Mercury moves into Scorpio on 30th

Venus in Libra till the 24th moves into Scorpio

Mars in Gemini goes retrograde on 30th*until 12th January 2023

Jupiter retrograde in Aries moves retrograde into Pisces on the 28th of November 23rd direct in Pisces enters Aries on December 20th

Saturn in Aquarius goes direct on the 23rd*

Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Pluto retrograde till 8th then goes direct* enters Aquarius March 23rd 2023


October is one of the most important and powerful months astrologically. With some of the outer planets changing direction. Both Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn finally turn direct again which speeds up the energies represented by these cosmic bodies. Saturn goes direct on the 23rd and will finally start moving forwards and reducing the hard square to Uranus in Taurus which will be a great relief for all of us. Transformational Pluto turns direct on the 8th of October and stays direct as it finally dips its toes into virgin territory for all of us Aquarius on March 23rd 2023. Pluto direct allows our various governments to try out some new methods of governing and try and clean up the general mess that seems to be prevalent in many countries.

And we have action from two of the personal planets namely Mercury who has been retrograde and finally goes direct on the 2nd of October. In Virgo. So that communications flow more freely and then Mercury swiftly enters Libra on the 11th. Then Mars our God of action, energy and assertion turns retrograde in Gemini on the 30th of October for a lengthy retrograde until the 12th of January. This will give us a chance to repair anything we've rushed at as Mars has been stirring up our thoughts and feelings and seeing injustices around every corner. So as you can see a lot of powerful change in the energies.


So we are in Libra season until 23rd October when the sun moves into Scorpio. Libra is the sign of the scales and justice and fairness. It's ruled by Venus and is an air sign and cardinal. So Libra will not be pushed about. They can appear very friendly and balanced which they are and they will fiercely fight a battle for you but don't underestimate their niceness as they can be just as ruthless as a Scorpio if they choose to be. With Venus as their ruling planet, they represent relationships in all their forms and value your friendship deeply. They can, however, be hurt easily but they don't show you, they keep their wounds to themselves but will fret until the balance is redressed.


This promises to be a month of significant change and the potential for extraordinary transformation. What about our hot spots? International affairs may become more extreme with deceptive reporting and aggressive talk. The sun in Libra is conjunct Venus its ruling planet which is imploring balance and rational communication to address current issues. With the Saturn Uranus Square, we are going to see the world economy on a precipice with both these major planets urging those in power to find a compromise and viable solution to rising costs. Once Saturn goes direct on the 23rd we should see some common sense beginning to take over as more grounded plans with the more sensible structure are on the table to halt the economy from spiralling completely out of control. With Mars about to go retrograde and squaring Mercury as we start the month there's likely to still be a general refusal from either side in the war between Russia and Ukraine to find common ground to negotiate. The Uranus Saturn square may well have triggered unpredictable acts around this situation. I'm writing this in August so how these difficult energies play out really is an unknown but they do show danger and resolution beyond that. We need to be mindful of Eris squaring Pluto this month especially when Pluto goes direct on the 8th as we could well see people taking to the streets, in general, to protest about nearly everything!


We will all certainly notice the change in energies this month and the Saturn Uranus Square gives us an opportunity to finally find a breakthrough in a particular situation and a resolution even if it involves compromise. Our one-to-one relationships are highlighted this month with the potential to transform a particular situation with careful discussion. So often we listen to answer rather than truly listening and then formulating a sensitive response. With Jupiter in Aries in opposition to the Sun conjunct Venus in Libra, we may be finding the pressures of our work are pulling us away from the tranquillity of our private space. October can be full on for many people career-wise with many finding they're on the front lines with lightning strikes by various services. It's quite likely that many of us will be very much wishing we were somewhere else than where we are as a late rush for an autumn break takes place.


Have faith and let go.

Relationship healing requires thoughtful communication.



Opportunities for change often come at a price.


Well, they say a change is as good as a rest. And there's nothing restful about this month's energy so make sure you take good care of yourself with plenty of rest with what could be an extraordinary month ahead.

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