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New moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus on 30th April


Astrological bit :

At 22:57 CEDT and 10degrees and 28minutes

New Moon conjunct Uranus

Jupiter Venus Neptune conjunct in Pisces

Pluto in Capricorn trine Mercury in Gemini


We have a second New Moon this month which is also a partial Solar Eclipse on the 30th. It’s in Taurus. Coming the day after Pluto in Capricorn stands still to go retrograde, we may see a retreating or reviewing of ideas which have been shelved. Unexpected developments show through, as the partial solar eclipse sheds partial light on, what has up until now, secrets and hidden things that get revealed. There will also be some unexpected twists and turns in our banking system.


How will this eclipse affect the uncomfortable developments in Europe namely Ukraine? Well, with Pluto stationed retrograde, and making a helpful aspect to Mercury our planet of communication, newly arrived in its home sign of Gemini, the potential for leaders revisiting discarded ideas, on how to find a way towards a peaceful solution increase. And it’s entirely possible that hidden secrets see the light of day as the partial solar eclipse energy sheds light on an unexplored and unexpected way through. This New Moon Solar Eclipse is conjunct the powerful energies of unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. Now, Taurus is about the economy and can represent the land being fought over. New Moons traditionally bring new beginnings. So potentially an unexpected event creates the seeds of solutions for peace. But, will the leaders take advantage of this helpful energy ? The difficulty lies in the fact that some of the necessary evidence to bring about positive change remains hidden. As if it’s not yet time for it to be revealed. A softly softly approach is needed. However as we head towards the Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th this new moon sews the seeds of what could be dramatically transformed with the Lunar Eclipse.


I feel that personal situations that have become warlike especially around financial issues and value, and self worth, and respect. Are affected by this unpredictable energy it may see some kind of compromise that even if it is not entirely satisfactory a temporary pause in events is welcomed with an opportunity for thoughtful discussion which ultimately gets resolved by the time of the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th. When if one needs to be done then one is done. No more compromise.


The background presence of the now separating Jupiter, Neptune conjunction has been joined by the beautiful relationship planet Venus in Pisces. I do feel this behind the scenes energy cushions the harsher realities of Uranus conjunct the New Moon. Which can ignite explosive reactions connected with world territory and personal boundaries of respect and self worth.

So an interesting collection of energies offering themselves up to be used in whichever way the Divine has decided. Just remember to surround yourself with people on your team and never doubt that the Divine has your back.

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