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Commit to personal goals

It’s a good time to make important changes


Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus

Pluto in Aquarius opposite Mars in Cancer

Saturn in Pisces Sextile Mercury in Taurus


Coming in the middle of the energy of a fixed grand cross this new moon in Taurus offers a seed of common sense, hope and growth.

It's interesting how the collective divides into 2 camps. Those that see danger, conspiracy and apocalypse for the planet around every turn and those that have hope and faith in the resilience of the human psyche and its ability to survive and evolve into a far more consciously aware society. Which camp do you fall into? And why? And how much may it actually be to do with your own inner world and the damage sustained to your personal growth through the conditions and conditioning we experience due to the roll of the dice that determines our life circumstances and path?

This is a new moon demanding significant change to enable the necessary growth required for society and the planet.


This New Moon in Taurus will have the economy under its spotlight that includes banking and cryptocurrencies. With Jupiter's expansive entry into Taurus and Mercury's newly direct forward motion, we may see online banks suffer some problems as Pluto now retrograde in Aquarius is squaring Jupiter. With online banking, I'm thinking of the companies that have no walk-in banks or ATMs. So I'm thinking of payment facilities used by many customers for online transactions. Investigations into tax loopholes will be tightened up.


On a personal level the astrology is giving us the opportunity to take our time and not be rushed into new ventures before we're ready. We may be feeling tempted to treat ourselves and lavish a bit of luxury on ourselves but the Jupiter Pluto square advises serious caution and that this is not the best time to ignore the economic climate and overextend ourselves. Saturn is making a sextile to Mercury suggesting prudent thought and reflection pays off and that any investments made now need to be reserved for sound and long-lasting luxuries that hold their value.

On a personal inner level, this is a wonderful new moon to look within to evaluate how kind you are to yourself. We can spend too much time berating ourselves and being self-critical so that this new moon energy urges us to start with the small things that we know about ourselves that are good, loving and kind and use the transformative power of Pluto and Jupiter's expansive energy to grow and develop good solid self-worth. To forgive ourselves for not being perfect and to value the fact that we are human and sometimes get things wrong.


What gets fixed in time and space both personally and collectively with this new moon, has every opportunity of giving birth to a much more secure outlook for all of us, if we learn to value the fact that significant positive growth comes at a price, and that recognising what needs to be let go of is as important as what needs to be held on to and valued.

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