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New Moon in Scorpio on 4th November

Don’t believe everything you think.

New moon in Scorpio on 4th November at 22:14 CEDT at 12dg and 40 minutes.

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus in opposition to to New Moon in Scorpio

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces trine New Moon in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio in out of sign conjunction with Mercury in Libra

Jupiter in Aquarius trine Mercury in Libra

Saturn in Aquarius square New Moon and Mars in Scorpio

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus in wide square to Saturn in Aquarius

Pluto in Capricorn square Mercury in Libra and Eris in Aries

Novembers new moon is at 22:14 CEDT at 12dg and 40 minutes in the sign of Scorpio, coming a couple of weeks after a particularly tricky Full Moon in Aries.

The new moon in Scorpio prepares us for next years change of signs for the nodes. As in January they move into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

So what does this Scorpio energy emphasise for us to set for our new moon intentions ? Scorpio is a fixed water sign, with hidden depths of feelings and secrecy. So an intent to face our own inner truths, and shadow, would be one excellent use of this energy. And because retrograde Uranus in Taurus is in a virtual exact opposition to this new moon, issues around our own value, to ourselves, and others may come up. How do you value yourself ? Maybe you doubt that others see your value, as I say in the title, “Don’t believe everything you think”. Maybe a Uranus shock needs to happen to wake you up, to how much you are valued by others.

Uranus can also bring shocking truths to light, and we may see some of these truths appearing in the news, as misuse of the internet, and the damage that can cause, could hit the headlines.

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces makes a helpful aspect to the new moon, suggesting the potential to see through the smoke screens of what is being kept hidden from us. I feel banking could hit the headlines, and shared resources, as possible dark dealings are exposed with this energy.

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is newly arrived here, and is in, what’s known as an out of sign conjunction with Mercury, in the late degrees of Libra. This implies fighting talk as sludge from the muddy pond of finance gets exposed. Mercury is also still in a very challenging angle to Pluto in Capricorn, which in turn is still in a tough angle with Eris in Aries. Eris is our goddess of strife and discord. So a cool head of reason will be needed by those in power, to avoid a serious breakdown in reasonable communications.

On a personal level how can you reinvent yourself ? How can you shed a skin, that prevents you connecting to others in a meaningful way ? If we don’t reach out to others, how can they know that our shadow side feels locked in the Scorpionic depths of this new moon. The new moon by its very nature is about giving birth to new things, and in this instance, I think it’s about giving birth to a better you. Shock yourself awake, with the Uranus in opposition, remind yourself about our connection to the collective, to each other, and that for change to come on an inner level, just the awareness and acknowledgement in ourselves, can enable the shift within, and for the collective.

So don’t believe everything you think. But do trust, and have faith in the transformative energies of this new moon in Scorpio.

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