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Do it Now,

If you don't take the risks you'll never know

New moon trine Jupiter Neptune in Pisces

New moon sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Mars in Gemini square Pluto in Capricorn

Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius


What do you want to begin that needs some supercharged energy? This new moon could be the sign you’ve been waiting for. Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius makes a wonderfully helpful aspect to the new moon. This expansive and fortunate energy gives wings to your plans. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity and is widely conjunct with Neptune the planet of dreams. Think back to April when these two met for the first time. What dreams, wishes or fantasies did you wish to launch? Your intuition would’ve been spot on at that time and here’s Jupiter yet again inviting you to follow your dream follow your star and make it happen. And what’s so super about this energy is that Jupiter stations direct as well today adding wings to your desires and intentions.


I think this is good news for the planet in general as long as we don't get ahead of ourselves with all that fiery Jupiter energy.

With the extraordinary turnaround currently in Ukraine and the failure of the so-called red wave taking the midterms in America by storm, this new moon gives the opportunities to continue this wave of success. The unpredictability of how things would unfold from the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is certainly now playing out. However, I would issue caution and prudence based on history as sometimes things are not what they seem as the ancient city of Troy found out to its cost when faced with the apparent gift of the Trojan horse. But in general, I feel this new moon brings calmer waters however temporary.


Well, I think we can momentarily catch our breath and dream big dreams with hope and optimism. With Jupiter stationing direct this gives us the opportunity to truly welcome in a completely new chapter in our lives. And projects and plans that you're preparing to launch benefit from this energy as it can see you completing the phase you've been working on for quite a while and ready for when Jupiter moves into Aries on the 21st of December heralding the start for your plans as Jupiter begins it's new journey around the Zodiac.


I hate to embody the energy of sombre Saturn at this point but we're not out of the woods yet energetically. So be mindful and consciously aware of these interesting energies as we head through the first week of December. But this new moon does bring some respite so it's OK to take your foot off the gas for a while.

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