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NEW MOON IN PISCES 20th FEBRUARY at 07:05 1°21’

Dreams become reality

The imagination is the gateway to the manifestation of our dreams.


Mars in Gemini trine Mercury in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius conjunct New Moon in Pisces

Uranus in Taurus square Mercury in Aquarius

Neptune and Venus conjunct in Pisces

Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aries


This New Moon in Pisces sees us collectively feeling hopeful that humanity can overcome the extraordinary challenges that have been thrown at us recently. The New Moon is at the first degree of Pisces bringing mileage to the dreams we've been working so hard to manifest. The Moon is in an out-of-sign conjunction with our planet of timing and hard work Saturn, suggesting patience and hard work pay off. With Venus having just completed its conjunction with the ruling planet of Pisces Neptune, romantic dreams feel more possible of becoming a reality. But watch out for that approaching planet of communication Mercury lining up to square with unpredictable Uranus suggesting a reality check with the self through sensible self-talk and reflection.


The Planet is in desperate need of collective healing following Turkey and Syria's devastating earthquake that coincided with the Uranus square to the Full Moon in Leo back on the 5th of February. Pisces is fluid intuitive and deeply sensitive and spiritual and in many ways will help pull in the energies of the forthcoming conjunction that's approaching between Jupiter and Chiron. Jupiter co-rules Pisces along with Neptune so this promises to offer collective healing to the planet and an opportunity to come together and find the spiritual strength of faith to help us through dark times. There is a Cosmic earthquake taking place as both Saturn and Pluto line up to shift their energies into new signs. Saturn into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius we cannot underestimate the importance of this cosmic change that starts in March.


On a personal level look at where you need to ground yourself as this fluid Pisces energy can see us over emotional and struggling for reality. So feet on the ground and reality checks are the order of this new moon to counter effect the spilling over of your ideas and dreams into overwhelm. Use our wonderful Planet Saturn conjunct this New Moon to ground breathe and be patient. Everything comes to us at the right time. And this New Moon is blessed with hope as long as we don't get carried away.


The Pisces New Moon brings us once more around the Zodiac wheel with opportunities to reflect and send out our intentions for what we want to manifest over the coming weeks as we approach the Spring Equinox. With Pisces being such a spiritual sign it's perfect energy for collective prayer to intend healing love and spiritual awareness and to use sensible Saturn's energy to ground us.

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