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Positive New Beginnings.

Truth revealed brings back memories and enables fresh opportunities for valuable growth.

A new moon in Libra on 25th

At 22:54 BST 02°48’

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius square retrograde Uranus in Taurus

Retrograde Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Virgo conjunct New Moon

Retrograde Jupiter in Aries opposition New Moon

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius square retrograde Uranus in Taurus

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces square Mars in Gemini

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn trine new moon and trine Venus in Virgo and retrograde Mercury in Virgo.


This New Moon takes place at the start of the reign of the new King Charles III. Libra is about balance fairness and relationship. Coming whilst Mercury is retrograde and has just slipped back into Virgo it is in fact conjunct with the new moon. This suggests the need for quiet reflection and remembrance as a new era begins. For the new King, the new moon suggests a period of respite to gather his thoughts. Venus our planet of love beauty and value is also conjunct with the new moon but out of sign in Virgo. The event chart shows a Cancer ascendant suggesting the need for us to feel connected to our roots and ancestry and interesting the new moon falls in the fourth house of the event chart underlining the need for family roots to be honoured. There's no doubt the funeral of the greatest monarch of our current era has profoundly affected many people as it reminds us of all of the personal losses we have endured.


With regards to the world at large, we are moving towards and already within the energy of the final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This square comes on the tail of this new moon suggesting the potential for fairness and balanced compromise in various world hot spots. For Vladimir Putin, there's the potential for a softening in his stance and a sense of him seriously considering better options for solving the crisis he instigated. The new moon energy for Volodymyr Zelenskii is conjunct with his natal north node and suggests the potential of destiny fulfilled. The new moon squares his natal Jupiter and is conjunct his natal Mars and he may be planning a very big offensive attack on Russia which may not be his best move currently. I would advise him to wait as I feel unexpected events can happen that determine the course of the war. Economically we may see things looking less depressing as was originally forecast.


The new moon has a wonderful inspiring energy of togetherness. The transformational energies of Pluto in a beautiful trine which is a helpful aspect, suggest a renewed love for family and relationships. There's the potential for the healing of wounds within families and the recognition that life is transient and our collective awareness that love and compassion for each other are far healthier than our constant bickering criticism and our self-gratifying ways. Of course, we have to focus in a positive and healthy way on our personal growth but this new moon really gives the opportunity for relationship healing and self-healing.


Powerful endings as we are collectively experiencing. Are always blessed with a collective pulling together and balancing of values. This new moon couldn't be in a more appropriate part of the sky at this time. Libra balances and promotes healing and the Mercury retrograde is timely in allowing us to heal the relationship we have foremost with ourselves and of course with others.

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