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New Moon in Leo

Live stream Tuesday 3rd August 19:00

New moon 8th August at 15:50 CEDT

“ Wake up your creativity.”

Astrological bit:

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Leo (Fixed Fire) at 16dg and 14minutes thus making a New Moon.

Mercury in Leo is conjunct this New Moon

Uranus in Taurus (Fixed Earth) squares the New Moon.

Chiron in Aries (Cardinal Fire) trines the New Moon.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius (Fixed Air) is in opposition to the New Moon.

“By waking up your creativity you allow deep healing to penetrate your soul.”

Leo is the heart and soul of astrology. The sun rules Leo. Without the sun there would be no life. The Sun in Leo, represents our heart chakra, as a gateway to our soul. This New Moon is opposed by Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn is urging us to take our time. To be aware of our inner clock, to tune into the creative sparks that lie dormant in our soul, so that we can birth new thought and new ideas.

This is beautifully supported, by our planet of communication, Mercury, in Leo, loosely conjunct the New Moon. It’s time to really think outside that box about your life, your chosen path. Are you doing what you really want to do? Are you passionate about your life’s direction? If not why not? Are you fully in tune with your intuition? The intuition is our personal gateway to the Divine Mind.

So, use the inner braking system offered by Saturn, to slow down and reflect, and finely tune in to the signposts offered by the Divine. The square from Uranus, even though this is challenging, can help you breakthrough to you. To the inner you. To enable you to discard outworn habits and beliefs, and find renewed faith in you. We often say to a loved one “how could I live without you?” But how can you live a full and fulfilled life, without affording the same love you give to others, on yourself.

Uranus offers freedom from overthinking, if you’ll just allow the new thoughts to come in that are offered by the creative energy of this Leo New Moon.

So, this is how we can individually use the Leo New Moon energies. I really feel you will notice a lifting and lightening of any load you have been carrying.

On a collective level we may see tough news, and more restrictions and volatility in the economy. The revolutionary energy that has abounded since the start of 2020, may be expressed more hotly, as people continue to resist local restrictions. Uranus certainly wants to stir up the masses, and we have to be mindful that fiery Leo’s energy doesn’t produce too much heat.

Also, this energy can literally mean extreme hot weather conditions with the accompanying problems. Also, the earth can literally shake with the unpredictability of Uranus. So, there’s an element to this New Moon energy of expect the unexpected. The extreme weather and flooding we’ve seen recently can be attributed to the Uranus in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius.

Leo is also the sign of Royalty, so surprises and shocks may occur over the next couple of weeks.

As always, if we go with the flow, and let go willingly, we will triumph. And, remember that plentiful personal healing is offered by using the energy wisely.

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