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New Moon in Gemini at 13:30 CEDT at 9°3’

**Jupiter conjunct Mars in Aries**

Saturn in Aquarius square retrograde Mercury in Taurus

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn trine retrograde Mercury in Taurus And square Venus in Taurus


This months new moon is in the thought provoking, and communicative sign of Gemini. There are a few notable energies to mention, that combine with this New Moon. Notably, Saturn our planet of boundaries, making a hard square to the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury. And with Mercury currently retrograde in Taurus, we may find frustrating restrictions, as we try to address financial matters. However, retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, is making a harmonious aspect to Mercury, thus bringing us the light at the end of the tunnel, and showing that a little patience with ourselves will allow us to complete tricky communication tasks. Especially if it’s our accounts. The other invigorating energy we have around this New Moon, is the conjunction between Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, conjunct lucky and expansive Jupiter, also in Aries. New ideas we plan to initiate with this new moon energy, are really helped by these two powerful planets.


We’re likely to see fluctuations still in the economy, especially currencies due to retrograde Mercury in Taurus. It’s wise to sit tight at this time and not commit to plans that involve a big investment. Once the New Moon energy unfolds, and Mercury moves direct on June 3rd, we will benefit from Retrograde Pluto's transformative energy, helping countries see what changes they can implement to ease the cost of living crisis. The new moon also gives the opportunity for transformative talks between warring nations. Let’s see how Ukraine fares at this time. The Mars Jupiter energy in Aries is certainly bringing these matters to a head.


When the moon is new in Gemini, it gives us all our annual opportunity, to think about how we can improve our communication and listening skills. It’s a great time to begin writing that novel you have inside you, or to write blogs about subjects you’re passionate about. With both Jupiter and Mars conjunct in Aries, you’ll feel fired up to express yourself, whether that’s through the written word or a podcast. Truth will be important to you at this time, especially your own truth. Look at the conversations you have with yourself, are you authoritarian Saturn ? Or transformative Pluto. Venus in Taurus reminds us that first and foremost we have to value ourselves.


Thank goodness for the cycles of the moon. For the cycles of life. As each new moon reminds us of the new potentials that can come, and gives us that chance each month to begin again.

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