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Realistic goals pay off.

Realism can be rare find your power through your realness.


New Moon square Jupiter in Aries

Pluto sextile Neptune

Mercury Venus trine Uranus


New Moons traditionally bring opportunities for new beginnings. And with this new moon coming just two days after the Winter Solstice we have double the opportunity to initiate new plans and ideas, especially because this New Moon is right at the first degree of Capricorn so anything that needs deliberate structured planning at this time is very much supported by this energy. Jupiter at the zero degree of Aries is squaring this new moon so is really exerting pressure on us to get going now with manifesting our dreams. Uranus is trining Venus suggesting we don't always need to look too far from home to find our solutions. There's a sense of extraordinary potential for the fulfilment of destiny with the energies of this new moon. The energy is about “now” and is about the fact that “now” is the time to act as it will fix in place the future needed for your highest good.


With so much energy in Capricorn in that, we have five planets here including of course the Sun and the Moon. It throws the emphasis on to government and traditions. And with so many countries around the world going through massive challenges to the way they govern we’re spoilt for choice for whom we look at. But in general, this is a new moon crying out for change with a determination to go to whatever lengths are required to attain that. I feel during this second half of December the stock markets and financial markets will be slowing down and there will be a reluctance to invest as the political climates continue to ignore the facts that the old ways are not working and getting in the way of constructive change. New thinking and fresh ideas are needed from the generation who are going to inherit what's been set in place.


Think about what personal changes you would like to introduce into your life. Where do you need to be more disciplined? Jupiter is at the zero degree of Aries so it's kind of kicking you up the butt to get going and do it now, whatever “it” is. The problem with the word discipline is that it sounds so boring and hard work and reminds us of difficult school days. So we have to use the wonderful trine from Uranus to Venus to change our mindsets and set ourselves free from restrictive and negative thinking. Discipline in its positive light shows us what we can achieve if we put our mind to it. So be disciplined about working on whatever you're passionate about as that will bring you joy. Be passionate about being kind to yourself and looking at new ways to give yourself the care and love we all need. It's never too late to change your mindset but the important thing is you've got to want to.


So a new moon full of potential presenting opportunities for enormous change and growth if you're prepared to do the work. Capricorn reminds us that there's no such thing as a free lunch and that to get something good we have to be prepared to work for it. What you have to do is know that you are worth it. Dreams take time to manifest and impossible dreams just take a little bit longer.

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