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New Moon in Cancer July 10th 2021

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

“ Transformational growth comes at a price. But, it is so worth it.”

The Astrological Bit.

  • Sun and Moon conjunct in Cancer, at 18 degrees and 01’ new moon.

  • Sun and Moon in Cancer opposite retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.

  • Neptune retrograde in Pisces trine New Moon in Cancer.

  • Chiron the wounded healer in Aries square the New Moon in Cancer.

  • Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo both square Uranus in Taurus

  • Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo opposite retrograde Saturn in Aquarius.

  • Chiron in Aries trine Venus and Mars in Leo.

“The healing can come collectively, if we all take responsibility for our own inner healing first.”

The Cancer New Moon of July 10th 2021, takes place in the early hours of the morning CEDT at 03:15:47. New Moon’s always bring us opportunities for new beginnings, and this particular new moon has challenging, but transformational opportunities for personal growth. The presence of retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, opposing the new moon, tells me that anything that has outworn its relevance in your life, needs to be voluntarily let go of. Growth is often painful, and if there are areas of your life that are stuck and stagnant, allow this new moon energy to strip away what no longer serves you. With this kind of energy, it’s far better to let go voluntarily to allow the new to come in. If you try to hold on to the past, which is quite a Cancerian energy, the stripping away will be far more painful.

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces, is making a glorious trine aspect to this new moon, bringing opportunities to dream the situations into your life, that will make you feel safe loved and truly at home. Family will be hugely supportive at this time, and remember, sometimes that’s the family we have chosen in our lives, through our close friendships. Sometimes we feel as if we’re going backwards and can become fearful, but in fact we’re being propelled forward into the life and place we’re meant to be.

Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, who is often portrayed as a Centaur makes a challenging square to the new moon. This shows how deeply some of us have been wounded on a feeling level. However, the warm and nurturing energy brought in from the sign of Cancer, shows us that we must also show ourselves compassion and love, and be kind to ourselves. As sometimes the way we treat ourselves, we would never dream of being so harsh to others.

Another important energy at the time of this new moon, is the conjunction of both Venus, the planet of relationships and love, and Mars, our god of action, energy and assertion and sexuality. This spicy connection in the sign of fiery Leo, means we could see each other getting hot under the collar, about all sorts of things, and with Uranus squaring both these planets, there could be quite an amount of disruptive energy about. Resist the urge to blow your top unless you’re prepared for the consequences. Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, is also in opposition to these two planets urging caution and slow down.

With the ongoing Saturn square to Uranus in Taurus, we will continue to see false starts and slow downs, especially with travel. And with Mercury in Gemini, squaring retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Expect deceptive news, and news that has been kept under wraps rising to the surface. That can be on a collective scale as well as on a personal level.

July has an abundance of interesting energies to navigate, why not check out my YouTube video for the astrology for July, and for all your individual Zodiac signs.

Join my New Moon In Cancer Livestream on Tuesday 6th July at 7pm

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