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New Moon in Cancer

29th June


Emotions run high

Rawness and truth must be faced for new beginnings.


New Moon in Cancer on 29th June at 7°22’ at 03:51 BST

Jupiter in Aries squares New Moon in Cancer

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius trine Mercury in Gemini

Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn square Mars in Aries

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Chiron conjunct Jupiter in Aries


This is a new moon about the people and our feelings. We may be getting hot under the collar about what we think is the truth as opposed to what is the truth. However, retrograde Saturn in Aquarius is soothing the way with a harmonious link to Mercury in Gemini, advising us to slow down and take our time before we speak. With a tough angle from retrograde Pluto in Capricorn to Mars still in Aries, it really would be wise to use Saturn's steadying energy to avoid knee jerk decisions. Jupiter is closing in on Chiron in Aries too, expanding the healing energies available from this asteroid. This new moon really is closely linked with the full moon in Sagittarius from 2 weeks ago which exposed challenging truths


The New Moon is imploring us through the people to connect to our feelings, and to start afresh with negotiating peace in troubled areas. Feelings run high and can spill onto the streets if the collective feels unheard, and it’s very important to take time to think things through before acting. The new can come but there has to be space for healing in there too. And with Neptune now retrograde in Pisces any deceptive energy, secrets and lies can be exposed.


This new moon gives us the chance for emotional healing. By choosing to communicate sensitively and with deliberate thought. Not only can we help heal ourselves, but by sending out positive healing vibes to others, especially in the troubled areas of the world. Jupiter's expansive energy as it closes in on our healing asteroid Chiron, really does give this new moon a true opportunity for new beginnings. Remember, with Neptune now retrograde in Pisces to be honest with yourself, as new growth can only be beneficial when we face what lies deep within.


It’s so important to be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves with the nurturing healing we all need. This new moon suggests an opportunity for some good mothering to our own inner child. Don’t forget that your inner child needs you !

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