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New Moon in Aries March 21st 17:22

Perfect Timing

New beginnings transform the soul.

Pluto in Capricorn sextile New Moon in Aries

Saturn in Pisces trine Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini square Neptune


This powerful new moon in Aries comes hot on the heels of the Spring Equinox. Not only is this the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year but the fact it's at the zero degree of Aries plus a few minutes highlights the potential for powerful new beginnings especially as Pluto is at the 29°58” degree of Capricorn just 2 days away from it's momentous shift into Aquarius. The harmonious sextile Pluto makes to the New Moon brings a surge of positivity and hope to all our intentions. Mars, still in Gemini is squaring both the New Moon in Aries the sign it rules and Neptune in Pisces creating some confusion and a kind of sense of false starts to new projects. Don't be deterred by this instead analyse any doubts or fears you have and face them and search for realistic solutions. Use the helpful trine from Saturn in Pisces to Mars to sensitively think things through. Saturn in Pisces can bring order to our chaotic thoughts.


The dominant placement of Mars in Gemini in the tenth house highlighting the public opinion in this New Moon chart symbolizes the continuation of fighting talk in all sectors as solutions are sought for new beginnings in the various problem areas of the planet. With the predominance of planetary activity in Aries the potential for the diplomatic routes to be overtaken by physical fighting increase and yet this New Moon is imploring us all to find the courage to stay true to the path of diplomacy in all negotiations. There's a sense that with regard to the Ukraine war that Vladimir Putin will be feeling increasingly cornered which can have the damaging effect of him ramping up his onslaught on Ukraine. And having also looked at the New Moon in conjunction with the chart of Volodymyr Zelenski he will be pushing all his energies again into imploring the wider community to help with not only arms but also medical supplies and medics as the situation increases and worsens. Breakthroughs are possible but require once again a Senior experienced world leader to mediate. The Aries New Moon is bringing a wonderful opportunity to find brand new ways to solve long-standing problems.


This New Moon brings wonderful opportunities for finding new innovative ways to improve relationships there's never been better energy to begin again. It also brings optimism and hope for all new projects you're thinking of initiating. Aries is a Cardinal sign and gives the new moon energy an extra boost of assertive energy to start that business, write that book apply for a new position. If you're been looking for a green light this is it. Saturn's gentle helpful trine aspect to Mars our God of action in Gemini advises careful thought and taking one's time to think through important moves and adding a touch of realism to dream ventures you want to launch before rushing ahead to manifest your ideas. If you act with thought and prudence success becomes a real possibility.


So let's collect the various strands of this New Moon energy to get a clearer picture of how to utilise these positive energies. The Spring Equinox the day before this new moon and the zero degree plus a few minutes of the actual new moon highlight the power and potency of plans and ideas that are launched at this time. The energies are underlined and written in capitals and provide super powerful energy to kick off this astrological New Year, prudent mindfulness can ensure your success.

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