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New Moon In Aquarius - January 2023

Updated: Jan 24

Read The New Moon Forecast In Aquarius For January.

Overview: New Moon In Aquarius - January 2023

The new moon in Aquarius on January 21st gives us a chance to really think outside the box and be inventive with the new seeds we want to sow, conjunct transformative Pluto means this new moon has potentially powerful undertones with pretty much all the aspects in harmonious alignment with the new moon.

The problem with helpful astrological aspects is that we can tend to sit back and imagine that magical solutions suddenly appear to help us with our plans. That may well happen, however, Pluto is in Capricorn and Capricorn is about hard work so the energy implies hard work and consistency bring transformative results. Newly direct Mars in Gemini trines the new moon bringing the energy and mental strength to work hard on manifesting our dreams. Uranus trines Mercury also newly direct and slowing down to station direct on the 22nd suggesting constructive discussions bare fruit. Jupiter in Aries, however, is squaring Mercury in Capricorn asking us to be mindful to not exaggerate or become inflated about hopes for results.

WATCH: The New Moon in Aquarius with Penny Dix on YouTube

New Moon In Aquarius - How Will The Planets Fare?

What are the benefits of this new moon for the planet? Breakthroughs and surprising news can come to our attention with regard to technology and communication in general. What of war-torn Ukraine?

Mars direct could see a major push forward on the ground and potential diplomatic discussions taking place again. This new moon certainly supports positive breakthroughs. With Eris in Aries making a sextile to Venus and Saturn in Aquarius who are almost conjunct suggests the UK government working really hard on finding solutions to the current strike action in an effort to express to the strikers that they really want to show them how valued they are but that the literal financial solution will take time due to the restructuring of the government spending.

New Moon In Aquarius - How Will It Affect You Personally?

With Uranus turning direct soon after this new moon in the sign it rules, Aquarius, and with both Mercury and Mars also direct then we will notice our spirits lifting and a sense of relief as if we're finally seeing strong light at the end of what may have felt like a very long dark tunnel.

This is a wonderful new moon to plan something special with a feel good factor. And to bring healthy structure into our routines to be more boundaries with the time we spend online. To refind activities that feed our souls offline. Around this time you may find you have some extraordinary thought-provoking discussions with people that really get you thinking about how to bring new ideas into your life that enrich it.

"Extraordinary opportunities. Think outside the box. Be inventive with new ideas."
Penny Dix

Final Thoughts

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is the sign that rules astrology. Maybe this is a good new moon to explore the subject and take it up more seriously as a hobby and a wonderful new tool to give you much more control over the navigation of your life.

For Those That Want To Know...Astrological Stuff

New Moon In Aquarius at 20:53 1°32”

A new moon in Aquarius opposite Lilith in Leo

Pluto in Capricorn conjunct New moon

Mars in Gemini trine new moon in Aquarius

Jupiter square Mercury

Uranus trine Mercury

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