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New Moon in Aquarius 1st February


Rebellious behaviour leads to breakthroughs.


It’s also the Chinese New Year so the start of the new Lunar cycle and it’s the year of the tiger.

New moon in Aquarius on 1st

Uranus square new moon

Saturn conjunct new moon

Uranus trine trine Venus Mars

Venus Mars conjunct

Pluto conjunct Mercury

Chiron square Mars Venus

The February new moon coincides with the Pagan festival of Imbolc which falls on February 1st, it’s also known as St Bridget’s day. Imbolc means ‘in the belly’, representing the seeds stirring beneath the soil, and ewe bellies filling out with their offspring. Its the first hint that Spring is around the corner. It’s actually a fire festival, but the new moon in Aquarius, is a fixed air sign. So perhaps the new moon represents the ideas that can be born at this time, and the nurturing required to help them take root.

The energies of Aquarius are worth revisiting, to get a sense of the best use of this new moon energy. Aquarius is about the community at large, it can represent technology in all its forms. On a more personal level Aquarius needs, and likes space, it needs its freedom.

The new moon has some strident energies, implying breakthroughs, or breakouts, and with our planet of restrictions, and rules, Saturn, conjunct this new moon there may well be a sense of a real tug of war, as they are still loosely squared by Uranus in Taurus. So that these breakthroughs and breakouts, at this time, may be quite dramatic in their nature. Even rebellious.

With the new moon conjunct restrictive Saturn, the energy suggests taking our time, and really thinking things through before we launch into anything new. The square to Uranus in Taurus, suggests caution and prudence, to prevent any unexpected shocks. However, a lovely trine from both Mars and Venus in Capricorn to Uranus in Taurus, supports well balanced and positive energy for new projects or relationships by taking our time to let new situations grow naturally. Freedom of expression is important with this new moon.

If we think of what’s happening in the world at large, and depending on how things unfold leading up to the beginning of February, then innovative ideas may be brought to the table to try to solve current stalemate situations, but with unpredictable Uranus straining at the leash to break free, even the sobering influence of cautious diplomatic Saturn, may not be able to hold back the tide of inevitable change. It would not surprise me if we were to experience internet outages around this new moon, as nefarious attempts to slow down current events unfold.

Finally with Mercury retrograde. Our planet of communication is conjunct transformative Pluto in Capricorn at this new moon. A situation involving traditional institutions and government will be in the news, and the new moon might just save the day. Or show an innovative way out but it comes at a price.

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