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Time to reflect

Time to catch our breath and breathe in positivity and breathe out negativity.

Mercury retrograde from 10th September in Libra

At 04:38 at 08°55’ until 2nd October

Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces the full moon

Mars in Gemini squares Moon and Venus in Virgo and trines retrograde Mercury.

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus trines the Sun in Virgo

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus squares Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius

Chiron in Aries opposite retrograde Mercury in Libra

Jupiter in Aries opposite Mercury x3 3rd and 18th September and 12th October

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus conjunct North Node and MC


Mercury turns retrograde on the 10th in the air sign of Libra. So how do we work with this energy? There are 3 points during this Mercury transit when our planet of communication is in opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Aries. This energy sets the tone for what we can expect. The first two oppositions to Jupiter come on the 3rd of September just before Mercury stations retrograde the second is on the 18th and the third opposition to Jupiter comes on the 12th October when Mercury has stationed direct but is still in shadow. When a planet is in it's shadow of a retrograde phase it can feel as if the planet is already or still retrograde but the energy is diluted. With expansive truth seeker Jupiter in opposition to Mercury we could find ourselves becoming exasperated with others as they fail to understand what were trying to convey. A little bit like the energy of Mars in Gemini where we can get hot under the collar and find ourselves huffing and puffing and others may have that short fuse with us too. Retrograde Mercury brings opportunity in spite of an element of miscommunication and technical hitches. Because Mercury is in the air sign of Libra we will find the retrograde a welcome opportunity to gather our thoughts and be clearer in our own minds about our best way forward. Our mental faculties should feel balanced with Mercury in Libra.


Economic U-turns could be a feature of this retrograde as various governments try and make strategic changes to prevent the forecast of financial difficulties for everyone. With regard to Ukraine, I feel the retrograde presents as a stalemate especially as there are the ongoing opposition’s to Jupiter in Aries the sign of war amongst other things however Mars in Gemini is making a helpful aspect to retrograde Mercury which could indicate a third party appears to try and act as a mediator between the two warring sides. It's not great energy for the new Prime Minister of the UK who could be faced with blocks at every turn and an anxiety about making necessary dramatic changes. Pluto is still squaring Eris our goddess of strife and discord. And with Uranus still conjunct the North Node I feel we will see civil unrest in many areas and there is the potential for rebellious behaviour as people get increasingly restless and demanding of change.


On a personal level this Mercury retrograde could be helpful for us to get our thoughts in order and gain some clarity on what direction we want our life to unfold in. Libra where Mercury begins its retrograde is a cardinal sign so we will feel the energy of wanting to initiate changes in our lives based on going back over discarded ideas and looking at them in a new way. However, when Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo on the 23rd we may find those old doubts and anxieties creeping back to stall us, especially with the general influence of expansive Jupiter in Aries firing us up and wanting us to take action. Mercury turns direct on October 2nd and once it moves back into Libra on the 19th you'll feel more balanced again and able to use the Jupiter opposition to optimistically start striving for your goals once more.


There's no doubt the world has reached a potential tipping point of radical change and a complete restructuring of how our various societies operate. This Mercury retrograde will once more bring to centre stage situations that have ultimately no option but to allow themselves to break down and be rebirthed.

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