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Mercury Retrograde

May 10th till June 3rd

Good? or Bad?


Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini on the 10th at 13°47’

Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Mercury in Gemini square moon in Virgo

Saturn in Aquarius square Sun In Taurus

Jupiter Neptune and Mars conjunct in Pisces

Chiron conjunct Venus in Aries


The moon is in Virgo when the retrograde begins conjunct the ascendant. This is about our direction in the world and where we’re going too. With Mercury conjunct the mid heaven in Gemini, when it stations retrograde, in the event chart, the most powerful energies of the retrograde will affect our career direction, and the plans we want to implement. Patience will be needed, and faith that the Divine knows what she’s doing.

With the asteroid Juno, on the descendant, we may find that any relationships that didn’t seem to happen get second chances. And surprising events at a distance or overseas, colour, very much the way this Mercury retrograde will progress


In general I feel the world economy will experience some setbacks. Probably due to the ongoing problems caused by Covid, but also the situation in Europe will be taking its toll. I do feel also, with Pluto our planet of transformation, now retrograde, the events in Ukraine could increase again with more of its citizens choosing to leave.


Each Zodiac sign will experience the retrograde Mercury in different areas of their lives, depending mostly on one’s rising sign. If you check out my accompanying video on YouTube, you can learn more about that.

But in general, apart from the usual necessary need for reading the small print on any documents being signed, it can be a chance to reflect on one’s direction in life, especially one’s career, and to be patient with any plans you have that may be put on hold due to circumstances outside of your control.


Make the most of this slowdown, as it’s a chance to recharge one’s personal battery. Take your foot off the accelerator and just cruise at a steady pace. We can use this energy to learn a lot about ourselves, and how we behave under stress.


Mercury retrogrades are always challenging, but the best way to handle this energy is to work with it, and trust that obstacles and delays are timely. Never forget that the Divine has your back, and is on everyone’s team. There can often be unexpected blessings that come with this energy, as timely delays help you see something you might otherwise have missed.

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