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12th JANUARY 2023

I'm a celebrity get me out of here!

Move forward with determination but don't overthink your actions.


Sun in Capricorn trine Moon in Virgo

Mars in Gemini trine Venus in Aquarius

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus square Venus in Aquarius

Pluto in Capricorn conjuncts the Sun

Pluto in Capricorn trine Moon in Virgo

Chiron in Aries square retrograde Mercury in Capricorn

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus trine retrograde Mercury in Capricorn


Let's look at who Mars is first of all. The God Ares is the God of war of energy, action, and physicality, so how does Mars fit in with the mutable airy energy of Gemini? Well, the air of Gemini can fan the flames of Mars therefore our thoughts may be more combustible along with our speech as we say what we're thinking rather than thinking about what we're saying first! Whilst Mars has been retrograde it will have given us a chance to heal any collateral damage caused by us through the transit of Mars through Gemini. Once Mars turns direct on the 12th of January he still has a way to go and gather his energies for his move into Cancer but that's not until March 25th.


I think there will be breakthroughs in current deadlock situations, with Uranus trining retrograde Mercury. And with Uranus squaring Lilith newly arrived in Leo we could hear some shocking revelations about world leaders and or celebrities. Prince Harry's book springs to mind and the current astrological energies are really not in his favour for launching it at the moment. I also don't think the Uranus square Venus aspect is going to be helpful to Megan. And when Mercury goes direct on the 18th followed by Uranus on the 22nd the explosive energy of revelations can be quite damaging. Potential healing from the fallout could take months even years. Another interesting aspect is Saturn in sextile to dwarf planet Eris. This suggests there will be a continuation of people protesting about unfair pay, or, in some parts of the world unfair and outdated laws. Saturn's part is to produce some order and structure as to how people make their point and a recognition from those in authority that turning a blind eye is just not going to work anymore.


On a personal level, Mars direct will be a welcome relief as the energies shift into a more productive motion. And opportunities to double-check projects we've tried to launch during the retrograde period. So think back to the end of October 2022 and see what areas of your life you've struggled with as this will give you a clue as to where the energies will become more favourable. This is also an excellent time to get our physical body back in shape if we've let things lapse over the holiday season. Remember Mars in an air sign produces hot air, so don't get overheated about situations that are out of your control. Allow your thoughts and communication to be sharp and focused and that way you use the energy of Mars in a controlled way.


Using the Mars in Gemini energy harmoniously makes me think of a hot air balloon and that once one is airborne sensitive control of how much air is either let into the balloon or out ensures the safety of the journey and a gentle landing once one reaches ones chosen destination.

Hot air balloons work because hot air rises. By heating the air inside the balloon with the burner, it becomes lighter than the cooler air on the outside. This causes the balloon to float upwards as if it were in water. Obviously, if the air is allowed to cool, the balloon begins to slowly come down. I think this is a wonderful metaphor for Mars in Gemini.

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