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Mars in Gemini

20th AUGUST from August 20th until March 25th 2023


Mars trine Saturn 28th September

Mars return in USA chart at 21 degrees approx 4th October 2022

Mars square Neptune 12th October 19th Nov and 14th March 2023

Retrograde 30th October Direct on 12th January 2023

Mars enters Cancer on 25th March 2023


Mars is spending approximately 7 months in the air sign of Gemini. This is unusual and worthy of a longer mention. Mars will also go retrograde during this time from October 30th until January 12th 2023 and it will then finally leave Gemini on the 25th of March 2023 to move into Cancer. So let's just look at the broader aspects of Mars first and then how it will fare in Gemini.

Mars is about energy, action, power, anger and also the body, it's a very physical planet. Whereas Gemini being an air sign is about looking at both sides and considering what actions to take also eloquent communication and thought, so Mars finds this a bit unsettling as the drive Mars has is muted and Mars is not sure which way to go. So Mars is forced to slow down in this sign. How does Mars manifest in Gemini in the natal chart? Well, I have Mars in Gemini and through a large part of my life, I would have the ideas but not always the ability to manifest them so Mars made me rush at things and then go back to mend the mistakes. I now take much more time and use Mars in a more deliberate way to work towards and manifest my goals. So conscious awareness of how the planets affect us in their sign placement gives us a wonderful ability to work with the energies constructively and not allow our lack of awareness and understanding in the activity of our natal planets to trip us up.

Mars in Gemini is about the power of words it can mean angry words may be misdirected due to the mutability of Gemini and a certain amount of overthinking and ruminations in Gemini. A lot of tempers can flare up at this time.


I do feel the USA will be affected by this transit as they will be having what's known as their Mars return at 21degrees of Gemini on the 4th of October we will have to look at the last time they had their Mars return which was in April 2021 I have to say when I googled it there was pretty much the same unrest around as today in terms of shootings Covid and a car rammed into the Capitol building. The US was also still and is now under the shadow of its Pluto Return and there's no doubt that a whole new system needs to be birthed out of their current continued chaos. Mars in Gemini for them this time round suggests a lot of hot air and angry talking that seems to get no one anywhere.

I think this will be pretty general for the rest of the world too there's a suggestion of the blame game within this energy and everyone thinking they're right. There are notable transits that come along over the next few months to help or hinder Mars but I’ll come to those nearer the time. When Mars turns retrograde towards the end of October it is the cosmos saying here's a second chance and are you sure you want to say that? Maybe you'd like to retract that statement? So chances to make amends.


On a personal level, we may find we're all getting a bit hot under the collar and frustrated as people don't seem to understand what we're getting at it's like endless debates where everyone insists they're right and no one will budge. The retrograde phase is a gift from the cosmos to look at where you can build some bridges and make amends. Mars also represents our sexuality and this may be an excellent way to express our feelings when the words keep coming out wrong!


By the end of March next year some of us will have changed profoundly if we've taken up the gauntlet offered by Mars to learn to be assertive rather than aggressive. Mars in this placement is a chance to grow up and learn to control our aggressive feelings in an adult and thoughtful way.

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