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Full Strawberry Moon In Capricorn. 24th June 2021

“When life slows you down, it means it’s time to stop and smell the roses “

  • Sun in Cancer at 3’ opposite Moon in Capricorn

  • Retrograde Jupiter in Pisces trines the Sun

  • Saturn in Aquarius (retrograde) trines Mercury in Gemini (direct)

  • Saturn retrograde in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo

  • Uranus in Taurus square Mars and Saturn a T square

  • Neptune in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer

  • Retrograde Pluto opposite Venus

We still have some heavy duty energy around so what will this Full Moon bring into our focus ?

The most important aspect for this lunary event is a beautiful trine from Jupiter, now retrograde, in Pisces to the Sun in Cancer. I feel we’re being asked to go the extra mile for each other. To support each other emotionally.

Capricorn, where the moon is full, is an austere sign about structure and rules. The full moon suggests a welcome easing to some of these rules. The psychological affect on everybody during the last 18 months has taken a huge toll. And statistically the people who come out best from trauma, are those who adapt, and work with the energy rather than against it.

Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn, in opposition to Venus the planet of relationships in Cancer, shows us the huge toll we’ve experienced on our friendships and close relationships. New friendships will have been forged through aligning ourselves to each other. These will endure.

Friendships/relationships that have suffered, have the opportunity to either transform into a better and more profound connection, or falter and end.

The trine from Jupiter to the sun therefore, gives us a wonderful opportunity to go that extra mile, with the people we really don’t want to lose. To find compromise and balance, to agree to disagree and accept we’re all entitled to our personal views about the world.

Neptune in Pisces trines Venus in Cancer, inviting us to dream into existence the kind of relationships that serve us all well.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, in opposition to Mars in Leo, both square Uranus in Taurus, making a challenging T square, I feel this means there will be ongoing unexpected twists and turns to events bringing a kind of stop start scenario. My suggestion, is to err on the side of look before you leap, and that taking your time to decide to travel, or make big changes in your life, need to be allowed to unfold at a much slower pace than most of us like.

With the upcoming abundance of retrograde planets, I really feel we’re being asked, to find a better and more appropriate way, to navigate our territory. It’s not a time to surge ahead without very careful thought and a weighing up the for and against columns.

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