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Juno brings blessings

Celebrate relationships and the blessings they can bring


June is named after the asteroid and goddess of marriage and partnerships Juno she was the wife and sister of the god Jupiter and he had only to touch her for her to fall pregnant, she was a protectress of women and by some was seen as the same deity as Egypts goddess Isis. No wonder June has been a popular month to get married as Juno was there to bless the relationship. So will Juno live up to her name and bless relationships this month ? Well with Venus in Leo from the 5th of June she could certainly stir up our passions and Juno was, after all, the mother of the God of sexuality Mars. Interestingly one of the animals assigned to Juno is the Peacock as they pulled her chariot instead of horses.


With the full moon this month in Sagittarius there’s an urgency for truth and for secrets to come to light. And with Saturn stationing retrograde on the 17th in Pisces there’s a sense of the necessity to review the rules around boundaries especially between land and sea so for the U.K. we will see them imposing tighter rules and boundaries on the migration of boats across the English Channel. The season for the perilous use of small boats crossing is here as the summer weather arrives. Pluto’s arrival back in Capricorn on the 11th I feel will coincide with the pushback that Ukraine are planning to gain back their losses and Pluto can really help them with this. And maybe we will see solutions coming when Pluto turns direct again on October 11th. The New Moon in Gemini on June 18th will highlight our need to communicate clearly our new intentions especially as Neptune is making a challenging aspect to this new moon causing the collective to be caught up in illusion and deception plus Neptune also turns retrograde in Pisces on June 30th until December 6th. We may find that there is a bit of nostalgia around for the good old days.


With a Full Moon in Sagittarius of truth and honesty on the 4th June authenticity and integrity will be top of our personal agenda. We will not tolerate deceptive communication be it from those in our circle or from those in positions of authority.

The energy of June in general for all of us will be about putting things right, and about tightening up any personal boundaries that we’ve let drift. With 3 major outer planets stationing retrograde with Saturn in Pisces, Pluto re entering Capricorn, and Neptune turning retrograde in Pisces. We will be taking stock of what we’ve achieved so far this year and reviewing where we need to adapt and make changes especially in tightening up our personal boundaries. The New Moon in Gemini on the 18th coming a few days before the Summer Solstice on the 21st, asks us to be clear about what we want. How can the universe give us what we want if we keep changing our minds and not being clear?! The Summer Solstice sees us once again heading towards longer nights and shorter days. Everything in life is a circle as each new cycle unfolds and the key for us to make the most of our lives is to sense the rhythms and flow with them.


A month to kick back a bit and have some respite from the challenging energies we’ve had recently. Juno was about commitment and marriage so perhaps it’s a chance to review the relationship you have with yourself. How committed to you are you? In doing what’s best for you, how good are at listening to your gut feeling? Your intuition. We can’t nurture others if we don’t first nurture ourselves and as we move from Gemini season to Cancer season it’s about self nurture and family time, and if you’re a family of one then pay even more attention to nurturing yourself.

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