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July 2021 Astrology Forecast

The Astrology for July 2021 is mapped out below for you to navigate the month ahead with ease. If you want to dive deeper, explore my YouTube videos or book a personal forecast.

The month begins with the Sun in Cancer until the 23rd when it then moves into Leo. Uranus continues direct in Taurus and four outer planets are retrograde :

  • Jupiter retrograde in Pisces re-enters Aquarius on the 29th.

  • Saturn retrograde in Aquarius.

  • Neptune retrograde in Pisces.

  • Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

With these four outer planets retrograde this month, we will see a slowing down in world events, and in our own personal lives, and a chance to reflect, learn from the lessons of the first half of the year, and be ready to take the right actions for the rest of the year. October will see the energies shifting and speeding up again.

The beginning of the month has the energies in fixed signs mostly with a mix of Earth and Fire. The Fixed energies tend to dominate the month. With a lot of energy and activity in the fixed signs of Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius, we may find stalemate situations. It takes the mutability of the Virgo energies later this month, to find ways around current blocks and diversions.

Use this time to relax and regroup. It’s a time for ‘being’ and not ‘doing’. With Venus and Mars partnering up in Leo for part of the month, it’s a time for stimulating the senses and stepping back from our cerebral pursuits. Rest the brain, go within and feed your soul. Chiron makes a very helpful aspect to both Venus and Mars in Leo, emphasizing the need to be kind to your physical body and nourish it with healthy food and pursuits. It’s playtime!

Uranus in Taurus striding forward forcefully is still going to be shaking things up this month. And a Neptune square to Mercury still implores us to see through veils of misinformation and seek the truth.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 10th is in strong opposition to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, this reignites the energies of June’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, as institutions and governments find it increasingly difficult to not move with the times, and find better ways to communicate with the people, and move towards collective equality and fairness. The Cancer new moon asks for kindness, nurturing, and healing rather than brute force control.

Finally this month’s Full moon in Aquarius on the 24th, again brings in the energies of thoughtful communication, to enable the transformation that is needed to take place. Jupiter slips back into Aquarius a few days after this Full Moon, to tidy up unresolved areas ruled by Aquarius for instance anything technologically based, and creating better ways for remote working.

Your own individual chart determines the areas affected by the energies this month. For personal information for each Zodiac sign hit up Penny’s YouTube channel for all the July Astrology forecast.

Astrology to look out for the month of July.


  • Mercury is direct in Gemini, it moves into Cancer on 12th and on 29th it moves into Leo.

  • Venus is in Leo until the 22nd then moves into Virgo.

  • Mars is in Leo until the 29th then moves into Virgo.

  • The New Moon is on the 10th in Cancer.

  • The Full Moon is on the 24th in Aquarius.


  • Mars and Venus partner up in Leo for a while.

  • Uranus squares both Mars and Venus and is still in square to Saturn.

  • Neptune squares Mercury.

  • Square = tough

  • Trine = easy helpful

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