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Full Wolf Moon in Cancer 17/18 January 2022

Updated: Jan 26, 2022


Full Moon in Cancer on 17th /18th at 27dg 50’ at 00:47 CET

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn opposite Moon in Cancer

Neptune in Pisces trine Full Moon in Cancer

Uranus in Taurus square Mercury and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius Eris square Full moon

Mercury retrograde from 14th January in Aquarius

Uranus goes direct in Taurus on the 18th

North Node moves into Taurus on the 19th


This months Full Moon in Cancer on the 17/18th of January, is opposite the Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.

There are some tough energies around this full moon. As we have retrograde Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, indicating tough talk about rules and regulations, and reviewing such rules. We’ve also got Eris square the full moon. So we could see rebellious behaviour about continued enforced restrictions. But Neptune is making a trine to the full moon, setting off a smoke machine thus making it hard to find the truth in the various topics of the time. I can think of 3 situations which may be greatly affected by this full moon, and the transformational and necessary change needed to the old order. And those in power may find protecting the ranks is not so easy under the light of this powerful full moon. It’s certainly a full moon of a change in status. Misleading information could be the cause of this, due to Neptunes smoke screen of which I mentioned earlier.

But let’s look at the Cancer energy’s first, as this is where the moon is full. Think of the crab, as this is a being with a hard shell which disguises its inner softness. Cancer cares deeply and suffers because of this. Cancer is the mother. And the moon, which is full, is her ruler. Cancer tends to avoid conflict, and like the crab will sidestep away. But the sun in Capricorn is shining fully on the moon at this time, and the sun is conjunct transformative Pluto. There’s no hiding place for the crab this time. Step up or step down. The Capricorn energies are reinforced by the sun conjunct Pluto here, and a powerful male may have to step up or step down.

We need to also look at the fact that Uranus ends it’s retrograde phase in Taurus, on the 18th just after the moon turns full. Expect the economy to be in the headlines as world events may cause unpredictable fluctuations, especially as the world looks towards the tensions in the Ukraine. The north node also takes up residence in Taurus from the 19th, and simultaneously the south node moves into Scorpio. These energies also bring our focus onto the world economy, and the next battle post covid, as the unpredictability of Uranus implores us to be personally mindful of our financial security.

And finally with Mercury, our planet of communication, now retrograde until February 4th, we have a chance to regroup, review, reform and revisit. Use this energy to reflect on what you may have overlooked. And embrace the delays or blocks that Mercury brings, as your opportunities to redefine your goals, and find better ways to communicate.

There’s a lot of good things to look forward to, as the current energies shift their positions with each other, to bring new and innovative ideas to the table as we head towards Aquarius season from January 20th.

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