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Full Worm Moon in Virgo


At 08.18 CET at 27dg 40 minutes with the Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune Jupiter and Mercury, and they are all in opposition to the Full Moon in Virgo.

Uranus in Taurus squares Venus and Mars in Aquarius.

Pluto in Capricorn trine Full moon in Virgo sextile Sun in Pisces

This months Full Moon is in Virgo. Virgo is about service to others, our routines, our day to day working environment. This full moon is about discovering how letting go can feel so good. It’s about letting go of anxieties about things we have no control over. Whether it’s a relationship that needs to go, or a way of behaviour within a relationship, this full moon is perfect for finding that inner sense of balance and harmony with a loved one. It may also mean, that you need to let go of certain behaviours, that are restricting you, and preventing you finding harmony in relationships. That includes the relationship you have with yourself. The full moon is also an excellent time to address any physical, or psychological issues you may have.

This would be a perfect full moon too to declutter, and decide which of your personal possessions really serve you, or are really needed. And as we watch the migration of refugees across Europe in the appalling conflict that has been unfolding . Maybe it’s a good time to look at what you would take in one bag, if YOU had to move on suddenly. Virgo can be about charity, as it’s about service to others. So what better way to use the full moon energy than to donate essential items to worthwhile charity’s. Our personal time is another good use of this full moon energy, in volunteering to help out for the various charities who are helping the situation in Ukraine, and other areas of the world. Feel what resonates with you personally and that’s your charity.

Some of the feedback I’m getting from clients and followers, is that they feel so impotent, and are caught in fear and panic. So how do we manage our feelings during times of immense stress? Firstly recognise that it’s human to feel fear, it’s part of our ancient fight, flight mechanism. Once we can acknowledge that it’s ok to feel the fear, we then have to consciously work at getting back into some form of psychological balance. How do we do this ? First of all by recognising that the reason we feel afraid is quite simple, it’s because we’re out of control. And we cannot control the outcome. Secondly in recognising that, in bringing it to our conscious awareness, knowing it’s ok to feel fear, and that we have to find a way to live with the uncertainty, and unpredictability of the future. Thirdly we always have to live with uncertainty and unpredictability. It’s a fact of life. But most of the time we live our lives within our routines and goals, without focusing on the fact that nothing is in our control.

And that’s a fact, nothing is ever in our control it’s an illusion. So use the energy of this full moon to step back from the anxiety and fear that this situation may be evoking. Find ways to be proactive. Just one small donation gives us some control and helps us to feel we are having an affect.

There are in my opinion, three states we fall into when faced with danger. Fight, we take immediate action. Flight we run away. And Paralysis where we are frozen in the car headlights heading towards us. Many people go into denial to cope, and try and carry on as normal, but at some point they will crack. This is yet another reminder from the Divine that she is in charge and we have to have faith in the intrinsic cosmic intelligence. So find ways to limit yourself to negative input, be it from the news, social media or friends and family who react differently.

It’s all about how we each process these events psychologically, as we’re all different. It was refreshing the other day when I was meeting a group of people and one particular person who normally comes across as pretty cool, and in control, admitted to being very scared. About what has been unfolding in Europe. This kind of honesty is important, it’s so important to say how you feel. Don’t try and repress your feelings but respect them. There’s no shame in fear. Be kind to each other, respect that we all react differently, whatever the situation is. As long as we show kindness, and love to each other we can allay some of the anxieties that this Virgo full moon can evoke. Remember, there are two emotions that tend to dominate human behaviour. Fear and guilt. Fear I’ve already described but guilt is the feeling that we should be doing something, and constantly beating ourselves up about what we should be doing, which in turn, leads to procrastination and anxiety, and a sense of being out of control. So you can see how these emotions can dominate, if we don’t keep them in check, by dealing with what we do have control over. This Full Moon is about being proactive, and serving ourselves, and allaying our fears by service to others.

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