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Full Pink Moon In Scorpio

27th April 2021 05:32 CEDT

  • The full moon is in Scorpio 7 degrees 6’ opposite the Sun in Taurus.

  • The Sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus.

  • Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus.

  • Saturn in Aquarius squares both the Sun and Moon

  • Jupiter in Aquarius trine Mars in Cancer.

  • Mars in Cancer trine the moon in Scorpio

  • Dominant energy fixed

Elements : Earth 5 Water 3 Air 2 Fire 1

This months Full Moon in Scorpio, brings us the opportunity to go within and face shadow parts of ourselves that we find challenging. There is a chance for psychological growth that enables us to finally let go of ways of being, and patterns of doing, that no longer serve us, and in fact act as unconscious blocks towards achieving our goals.

The dominant energy for this lunation is fixed, as we have 5 planets in fixed signs. The Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury are closely aligned in Taurus, which is an earth sign, and brings much needed grounding to the somewhat volatile energies we experienced whilst Aries was centre stage. When the dominant energy is fixed, it can make it more difficult to let go and move forward. And Pluto, of course, is still in Capricorn also an earth sign, but the element here is more dynamic as Capricorn is a Cardinal sign which brings in direction and drive to the mix. Interestingly, Mars, who is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, alongside Pluto, who became a co-ruler of Scorpio once discovered, is in another Cardinal sign, Cancer. However Mars in Cancer, loses some of his energy and drive which can make things heavy going and as if we’re swimming upstream. But both Pluto and Mars, may hold the key to some of the transformation offered by this Full Moon, and anger and rage can be expressed through the element of water. Whether that’s buckets of tears or diving into your own depths relief and promise are offered by these 2 planets.

So what else does this all mean and how does it affect us all? Well let’s look at the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The Sun is our soul, our life blood our energy and health. The Suns energy helps to bring growth to our ideas and goals in the rich earthiness of Taurus. However, both the Sun and Uranus are squared by Saturn in the fixed sign of Aquarius and the Saturn Uranus square is tightening up as it heads towards an exact link mid June once Saturn goes retrograde.

This kind of energy brings explosive reaction and as much as we all want to move forward, Saturn in Aquarius is constantly putting on the breaks. Saturn is a planet about timing. Timing is about tuning into the flow of the Divine Mind and the faith to accept and go with Divine timing which can sometimes seem harsh. This kind of energy can exhaust us, so be aware that if you feel you just want to go to bed and sleep, particularly round this Full moon, it’s the tense aspects fully exposed by this event. So rest if you need to, retreat if you need to, sometimes being alone and time to go within at our own pace are what we really need.

The full moon in Scorpio can bring difficult endings, but within these endings is the opportunity for the awareness, and learning that comes from the letting go of the past, to allow the healing that must come before we can embrace the new.

Jupiter our planet of truth and opportunity, is trining Mars in Cancer at the time of this full moon. There’s something about the maternal feminine having to express her sense of loss to be able to move forward. Inner growth and letting go are always hard to experience, but the Scorpio Full Moon has the promise that if you’re prepared to dive deep into painful parts of your life you can emerge with the true alchemical gold of your soul. Whilst Jupiter can represent that freedom from pain.

Venus and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus also for this full moon. Venus rules Taurus she represents relationship, value, possessions and maybe Venus too is urging us to let go of what we think is important to us to make room for true knowing. Mercury shows us that by using his energy to communicate how we feel we can get the most from the transformational energies of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Join me live at 19:00 CEDT Tuesday 27th April via Gozo In The House

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