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Full Pink Moon in Libra

April 16th


Full Moon in Libra on 16th

At 20:54 CEDT 26degrees 45 minutes

Sun in Aries conjunct Eris opposite Full Moon in Libra

Pluto in Capricorn square the Sun in Aries and the full moon in Libra

Saturn in Aquarius trine full moon in Libra

Mars in Pisces trine Full Moon in Libra

Uranus conjunct Mercury in Taurus

Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunct


So this months Full Moon in Libra on the 16th, sees potential breakthroughs and tough talk, and potentially a pause in any fighting that is going on, whether that’s on the world stage, or personally as people try to find resolutions, and a more transformative way forward.

So what is the astrological energy telling us ? The sun in Aries is conjunct Eris a dwarf planet. This tells us that people in general have had enough of wars and fighting, and may take to the streets to voice their anger at a world where fairness and freedom do not get heard. The full moon in Libra, is shining her light on this energy. And Libra energy urges us all to find balance, freedom and harmony. To find cooperative ways to negotiate tough situations, and find comfortable compromise. We are being urged to find a win win result in current events, and on a personal level. The sign of Libra is about harmony and relationship, it’s about compromise and balance and truth. There’s something in this energy about saving face. Libra is, however, a very strong and determined sign, and can indicate a mediator who helps bring two warring sides together.


So how will the world stage drama play out with this full moon ? I do feel that the helpful Libra energies can bring a ceasefire, if it’s not happening already, and a pause for all sides to catch their breath and reflect on the bigger picture. It may well be that a prominent leader acts as a peace broker between the two sides.

This will still bring some uncertainty in the economy, but, the general trend will be more optimistic towards balanced solutions being found. We mustn’t forget that the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces is in full swing now, expanding the good, and the bad, depending how you look at things. It’s so important to keep our vibrations at a high level, and to consciously intend peace, healing, and harmony.


This is a super full moon for relationships, and, constructive discussions in important relationships can take place, so that unexpected breakthroughs occur. So if you’ve been struggling with a particular relationship, whether that’s business or personal, it’s a perfect time to sit down and put your cards on the table, and search for resolution and compromise. However, relationships that have gone past their shelf life will end, as both of you see there’s only one way forward, which may be to agree to disagree and let each other go. That which is not meant for us, that we hold onto, merely prevents what is meant for us arriving.


Freedom, fairness, truth are the uncompromisable values.

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