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8th November

Powerful Changes.

Trust the process of cathartic change.

Moon conjunct North Node and Uranus in Taurus

Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio

Neptune Jupiter in Pisces square Mars in Gemini

Saturn in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini

Pluto in Capricorn sextile Neptune Jupiter in Pisces


This is proposing to be a significant Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. It's in the sign of Taurus on November 8th. Taurus represents our material works, our finances our possessions and also our value. As this Full Moon brings in the energies of Scorpio representing joint finance and also secrets and hidden things we can expect a lot of chatter behind the scenes. Mercury our planet of communication is conjunct with the Sun in Scorpio thus opposing the Full Moon conjunct Uranus, so, for sure the economy is going to be in the headlines again. Another interesting dynamic is Saturn our planet of limitation and timing in a helpful trine aspect to Mars our God of action now retrograde in the sign of communication Gemini. Saturn is still in its square to Uranus and therefore the Full Moon and also forms what's known as a T square to the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Venus who is also in Scorpio and in this sign shows us that her energies identify in this placement with the world of finance. These are the main aspects to focus on with this Lunar event.


Let's now see if we can weave a pictorial tapestry of how these transits can affect the world stage. Let's start with the economy. For sure over the next few months, we are going to see more turmoil in the world economy in general. Not necessarily on the day but it sets the tone for the coming 6 months. I think it will not just be potential political events that cause the turmoil but potentially earth events that are outside of our control. So what about the UK? Well, this eclipse impacts the chart of the new PM Rishi Sunak and I fear he too will be making surprising decisions with this eclipse energy that may not make him very popular and again I feel he gets overshadowed by what he may feel are significantly good moves by world events. But what are these world events? Haven't we had enough surprises over the last few years? Well, the United States midterm elections happen on the day of the eclipse so this could imply surprising events and results. And finally what of Russia? Will they attempt to disrupt the West’s communication systems? It would be a smart move on their part if they have the ability to do so. With Mercury our planet of communication in Scorpio in opposition to the Lunar eclipse there certainly is an air of devious and underhand events to do with communication especially as Saturn in Aquarius is in a square to the Sun and Mercury suggesting internet slowdowns for example. With Pluto sextiling both Neptune and Jupiter widely conjunct in Pisces, we need to trust that a Divine power can show us all a better way forward.


On a personal level, our fears may be triggered by this eclipse as underhand dealings become public. We need to keep grounded and take our time when presented with choices in whatever department of our life especially if it involves money. Be mindful of internet scams due to the Saturn T square as scammers find even more devious ways to try and part us from our hard-earned cash. Self-imposed austerity to cope with the oncoming winter suggests we find other and more adventurous ways to entertain ourselves and keep warm. And with retrograde Mars in Gemini, we need to be mindful of our actions and make sure they come from a place of love. The fixed nature of Scorpio and Taurus suggests we use the full moon energy to nurture our dreams and have faith that the moon in shadow is keeping them safe in the earthy depths of the Taurus energy for a very good reason. As Saturn sternly reminds us that everything is about timing.


Is this a good Eclipse or a bad Eclipse? Well, I think it's how we deal with the events it may throw at us. Yes, there could be dramatic changes in world events or indeed in our own lives but remember that for new growth the old has to be dismantled and yes sometimes the life and death process is painful. But the promise of change is ultimately new birth and the Phoenix will always rise from Scorpio's ashes. And you know sometimes we just feel a bit off-colour around Eclipse Full Moon energy so find the balance in these energies and continue your journey.

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