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Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 19 November 2021

Dig deep for a brave new world.

Astrological bit:

Full Moon in Taurus at 09:56 CET at 27dg 14minutes

Moon in Taurus in conjunction with North node in Gemini at 1dg and 41 minutes causing partial Lunar Eclipse

Mercury conjunct Sun in Scorpio opposite Taurus Full Moon

Jupiter in Aquarius square Full Moon in Taurus and square Sun Mercury conjunction in Scorpio

Retrograde Uranus in Taurus trine Venus in Capricorn and in Opposition to Mars in Scorpio

Pluto in Capricorn trine Full Moon in Taurus

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces trine sun in Scorpio and Mercury

This is an interesting Lunar eclipse in Taurus. A lunar eclipse happens when the earth passes between the sun and the moon causing a shadow across the moon.

Traditionally eclipses often meant the death of Kings. In other words important figures either fall from grace or pass on. The last time we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus at this degree was on November 20th 2002. It was conjunct my sun in Taurus and a couple of weeks later my father passed away. The eclipse energy lasts for around 3 months so it will be interesting to see what unfolds. Eclipses are very exact and have to be within 2 or 3 degrees of a personal planet such as the Sun or Moon in your chart or making an angle to the eclipse.

If you know where personal planets are in your birth chart and the degrees you need to look for 27 degrees. And in Taurus Scorpio Leo or Aquarius the fixed signs.

Prince Charles the Prince of Wales has his sun in Scorpio and this eclipse is in opposition to his Sun. So there could be big changes ahead for him.

Taurus is an earth sign and fixed. It’s connected with food, nourishment, possessions, money and self worth along with anything connected with the earth including the green agenda. The climate change conference in Glasgow comes at a timely moment with regard to this eclipse and suggests results and the realisation we are facing a desperate deadline. So I’m encouraged that this eclipse energy happens just after the end of the conference. It will be interesting to see how these decisions play out over the next 3 months.

Mercury, our planet of communication, is in opposition to the full moon and is conjunct the sun in Scorpio, so as Uranus is trine Venus in Capricorn surprising news could hit the headlines of dark or shady dealings.

How does this energy affect us on a personal level ? Well as I’ve explained, unless the eclipse is affecting a particular planet in your chart. The full moon will play out in its more usual fashion of significant decisions reached or endings which are overdue.

So I encourage you to not fear the worst, but just be aware that these earth energies are stronger at this time. And when I run through your individual Zodiac signs I’ll tell you the area of your life most likely highlighted by this full moon.

Change is inevitable. It’s only when we resist it that it can become painful. There’s no doubt this full moon will be hugely transformative as we enter a new chapter for the World.

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