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Be the truth seeker

How are you evolving? And do you live in your truth ?


June 4th 03:41 in Sagittarius at 13°17’

Mars in Leo trine Full Moon in Sagittarius

Venus in Cancer opposite retrograde Pluto in Aquarius

Jupiter in Taurus square Mars in Leo

Saturn in Pisces square Sun in Gemini

Neptune in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer

Neptune in Pisces sextile retrograde Pluto in Aquarius

Mercury in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus


The sign of Sagittarius is about truth, honesty, law and it can also elevate us to spiritual heights of a deep inner understanding of our connection with the divine.

Pulling in the energies of Gemini with the sun in opposition it raises our ability to communicate our truth and to be mindful of our choice of words. Especially when dealing with those close to us. With Saturn in Pisces squaring both the Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius harsh words can bring endings we’d not intended. So use Saturns strict energy’s to slow down and think rather than its potential to end relationships through tough sharp talk. Venus our planet of relationships in the final degrees of Cancer is in an out of sign opposition with retrograde Pluto in Aquarius highlighting the danger of deep splits in relationships that we don’t really want. Neptune is making a trine to Venus and sextile to Pluto inviting us to seek clarity and use our intuition constructively. To see through illusion and deception. Including how we deceive ourselves.


There has been plenty of news and incidents around secrets and lies. And we may well see more people in the public eye called to account around the energy of this full moon.

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus implies surprising or shocking news but equally could be news of an important breakthrough bringing a semblance of justice to one of the worlds hot spots.

The fixed energy from Pluto still squaring both the North and South Node re emphasises the karmic energy we are passing through currently. Pluto needs to tidy up and complete what he started 16 or so years ago in Capricorn. This comes in the form of breaking down the old traditional hierarchical system of governing and this full moon of law and justice and higher consciousness really urges the collective to not give up on this path of radical change and that ultimately justice will prevail.


How clearly are you viewing your current relationships? How is the relationship with yourself ? Which thinking patterns do you need to let go of ? Are you aware of your negative thoughts? Our minds have a direct link with the divine so whatever you tell your mind is instantly transmitted to the Divine who will do her utmost to fulfil your thoughts. The Divine has no filter. If you’re constantly saying phrases like “ nothing works for me” or “I hate my life”. The Divine via your mind will just give you more reasons to fulfil these statements. Because the Divine loves you and wants you to have what you want. That’s how the mind works. So use this full moon energy to change your thinking to banish negative statements about yourself


This Full Moon can help us cut free from illusion or self deception and awaken us to our connection with other dimensions of the Cosmos. We live in a Universe teeming with energy and life and it’s time to wake up to see our part in this.

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