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Full Moon in Virgo March 7th 12:40

Stick to the facts

Let go of situations that do not serve you. Let new dreams in

Mars in Gemini square Full Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces a T square

Uranus in Taurus trine the Full Moon in Virgo sextile Sun in Pisces

Neptune on MC in wide opposition to Full Moon in Virgo

Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries


What can we expect from this Full Moon in Virgo? Virgo is a mutable sign ruled by Mercury and the energies highlighted are the physical body and our health. Where are you on your list of priorities? Are you taking care of you? Mars our planet of energy and assertion is hidden in the 12th house of this event chart making a T square to both the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. What are you not dealing with on an inner level that directly affects your physical health? And your mental health? Mars can bring an element of anxiety to what we are not facing up to in ourselves. Uranus in Taurus is trining the Full Moon suggesting the Cosmos steps in to wake you up about your health which you'll ultimately be grateful for and the sextile Uranus makes to the Sun in Pisces enables you to break free from anxieties that have kept you paralysed from helping yourself. Neptune's presence on the Midheaven of this chart highlights the psychological confusion that may have been present when we are thinking about the best way forward for us. The Full Moon breaks the metaphorical abscess to allow the poison out and the much-needed healing encouraged by Jupiter's close proximity to Chiron in Aries.


So what might we expect on the world stage? Health and the medical professionals can be once again under the spotlight. And Neptune's presence on the Mid Heaven shows the potential for confusion and a general sense of anxiety about whether healthcare systems can cope especially in the UK where there are innumerable difficulties with long delays for treatment and strikes held by nurses and doctors for better pay and conditions. Uranus in Taurus suggests an unexpected breakthrough and relief as a deal is struck. The Full Moon could also see a welcome breakthrough with the Northern Ireland Brexit debacle. Further afield the T square from Mars to both the Sun and the Moon and the presence of Neptune on the midheaven which is the world stage could sadly bring accidents at sea. Also, I feel it brings the sea borders into focus around the Black Sea and Ukraine with the potential for battles at sea. And the sea Ports.


On a personal level, this can be an emotionally charged Full Moon but with the potential for significant breakthroughs on an inner level which may be painful on the inside as the realisations come of how maybe you self-sabotage on an unconscious level which prevents you from achieving your cherished goals. So a good use of this energy would be to ask yourself that very question. Where and when do I self-sabotage? How does this serve me if at all? What small shift in my thinking needs to happen to change this behaviour? Is it fear of failure? Or is it actually fear of success?

The energy of this Full Moon really supports breaking through the smoke screens and illusions you surround yourself with. And psychological growth and healing can then come through the upcoming conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron.


Sensitive souls may really suffer emotionally with this Full Moon but if you can stand outside yourself and be the observer you can enjoy the breaking through of the illusions brought on by the energy from Uranus and Neptune so that ultimately you serve yourself better and with kindness and compassion. And also each other.

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