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5th FEBRUARY at 18:28 16°40’

Surprising revelations

Healing comes through patient reflection


Mars in Gemini trine Sun in Aquarius

Mars in Gemini square Venus in Pisces

Saturn in Aquarius conjunct Sun in Aquarius

Uranus in Taurus square the Sun and the Full Moon

Pluto conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn

Chiron in Aries conjunct Jupiter

Chiron in Aries trine the Full Moon


This Full Moon in Leo is at its furthest distance from our planet and is called a Micro moon. However, its symbolic impact will not be diminished in power. Uranus our unpredictable planet of rebellion in Taurus is squaring both the Sun and the moon forming a challenging T square. This forms a pressure cooker of energy that can erupt in quite unpredictable ways. Tense energy abounds in this chart with Saturn conjunct the Sun in Aquarius and Venus in Pisces squaring Mars in Gemini.


So let's dissect these energies and see how they can affect what has been unfolding on the planet. Leo is the sign of Royalty and celebrities, well I think Harry and Megan have had enough of their fare share of the limelight and it would be less than fair if this Full Moon brought yet another hidden revelation onto the public stage to shock us all again. So maybe hidden secrets are revealed around a celebrity. I say this due to the Full Moon being hidden in the 12th house of the event chart. Saturn conjunct the Sun tells me it's someone who has been around a long time and perhaps up till now has managed to keep their private life private. These are the sorts of revelations that can occur during this full moon energy. Also, we cannot rule out literal earth events caused by Uranus in Taurus squaring the Sun and the Moon this kind of energy can cause literal earth movements in the form of volcanic activity or earthquakes. Disruption can also occur in aviation when Uranus is involved as Uranus rules aviation. With regard to any talks going on between warring factions be it in Ukraine or with striking Unions in the UK I feel that Mercury coming up to conjunct Pluto brings hope of transformative breakthroughs.


If you don't want to rock the boat in close personal relationships then I‘d avoid any serious talks around this full moon. As the T square from Uranus to the moon and Sun in fixed energy will cause breakups as no one is prepared to be flexible in discussions. Mercury is coming close to being conjunct with Pluto so you'll feel compelled to “sort things out” with loved ones it's just you're likely to be too heavy-handed with this energy. I'd wait for calmer energy before I‘d have important discussions. The one kind of relationship that could actually benefit from this energy would be business relationships as deals can be done and firm foundations forged.


All full moons bring opportunities for change and that can be on an inner level as much as it can be out there in the world and our lives. Sometimes it's about inner reflection and being honest with ourselves about what habits we need to change. So, Mercury conjunct Pluto is a perfect opportunity for some inner dialogues and maybe letting go of some fixed Leo ideals to allow more flexibility into your life.

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