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Full Moon in Gemini

December 8th

Check your facts.

Remember to check your evidence before jumping to conclusions.

Sun in Sagittarius opposite moon in Gemini conjunct Mars

Mars Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

Sun square Neptune

Saturn trine Mars Moon

Pluto sextile Jupiter


The Full moon of the 8th of December falls in the communicative sign of Gemini conjunct Retrograde Mars. The Sun in Sagittarius represents truth and my sense is with this moon that truths get revealed that stir up anger and fury. Neptune is squaring both the Sun and the Moon implying and underlining the deception that has existed. Saturn in Aquarius trines the moon suggesting moves to set the record straight and enforce necessary rulings.


Well, if this is a full moon about truth, anger, deception and the law we can take our pick as to whom what or where this will apply. We may get a media blackout about Ukraine again as with Mars so active there's the potential for a final push from either side to gain some ground before winter sets in. However, there may also be yet another push for diplomatic discussions to ease tensions. But the one place I don't think we will see this is Iran where this full moon can bring things to a head.


Watch your spending around this full moon as we might be deceiving ourselves about how much we can afford and the Sun in Sagittarius might be making us extravagant and the square from Neptune blinding us to the realities of our own personal economic situation. There's also a suddenness around relationships in the sense of what might get revealed to you about a significant other whether that business or personal, that leaves you shocked and reeling. But the changes it can bring are ultimately healing and clear the way for the right people to be in your life.


A moon of change. A moon of deep thought. A moon of revelations that can be disturbing. But as they say. Better out than in. As it clears the way for you to follow your path in full awareness and understanding of the direction you're meant to go.

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