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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

10th September

Fated Destiny

Significant endings, time for one's destiny to be fulfilled.

Full Moon on the 10th in Pisces 09:58 GMT at 17°41’

Moon conjunct Neptune opposite the Sun

Mars in Gemini squares Full moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo

Retrograde Uranus trine the Sun sextile the moon

Mercury trine Mars

Mercury opposition retrograde Jupiter

Retrograde Saturn square retrograde Uranus

Retrograde Pluto trine the Sun sextile the moon


This Full Moon is about instinct and consciously rising above the everydayness of life represented by The Sun in Virgo. What changes do you need to make to cope with the coming winter to ensure your funds last and your harvest stays fresh? This is the Harvest moon and it reminds us that our ancestors relied solely on the changing of the seasons and the moon phases to ensure an abundant harvest to sustain everyone through the winter months. This may be the full moon that wakes us up with a gentle sextile from Uranus urging us to not forget our roots and that with the economical crisis that's facing many countries with rising energy bills and food and commodity shortages that a practical approach represented by the Sun in Virgo is shining on the Pisces Moon which is widely conjunct Neptune the planet of illusion asking us not to get caught up in illusion or kidding ourselves that we won't all be affected by the rising prices. Droughts in Spain are causing a very small harvest of Olive Oil this year and as one of the biggest exporters of olive oil, it shows us that the fragility of the weather and the seasons will always have the upper hand over our consumerist and instant gratification society.


The event chart urges us to make sure our homes are well prepared for the coming seasons to eliminate unnecessary expenses to educate those that are reliant on us on the realities of the need to reduce outgoings. What about the world's hot spots? Interestingly with regard to the UK Venus sits in Virgo in the 10th house of career and worldly affairs. I can't help but feel this is showing us that the new leader of the Conservative party in the UK is female and will be taking drastic steps to secure the economy and that students and young people will be benefiting in some way. I also feel that some misinformation that has been around in the media gets decisively put right. Mercury our planet of communication has turned retrograde a few hours before the moon became full. Mercury in Libra is in opposition to expansive Jupiter in Aries. Libra’s balancing energies are urging people to get a realistic handle on what is achievable this month.


Luck comes through valuing each other and respecting each other's differences. Pisces' spiritual energy has no room for egos and people arguing about the details. This energy really is asking us to take care of each other and come together as a united Planet and as United communities. Mercury’s retrograde motion can be extremely helpful for us all to slow down and respond to difficulties constructively rather than react. Also, if there's an unrealistic dream you've been holding onto this is a great time to reflect and think about how with some attention to the details you can restructure it in a way that makes it achievable.


Pisces energy can be liberating once we choose to rise above the mundane and have faith that whatever we feel is ending or changing at this time is for our highest good.

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