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Full Buck Moon in Capricorn


When the old guard changes there’s a period of dark have faith in the dark.


at 21°21’ at 19:37BST

Moon in Capricorn trine North Node in Taurus

Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto return in USA chart

Chiron in Aries square Full moon in Capricorn

Chiron in Aries square the sun and Mercury in Cancer

Grand trine between South node in Scorpio Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer and retrograde Neptune in Pisces

Uranus in Taurus trine Full Moon in Capricorn

Uranus in Taurus square retrograde Saturn in Aquarius

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces square Venus in Gemini


This is one of the most powerful Supermoons of the year. As the moon is conjunct retrograde Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to the Sun conjunct Mercury in Cancer. Significant relationships can move up to the next level and transform. There's a general feeling because of what's been going on in the world that people are far more in favour of taking risks with a what have we got to lose attitude. This full moon coincides with the second hit of Plutos return to it's natal position in the USA birth chart.


With Uranus in Taurus conjunct the North Node, also in Taurus events around this full moon maybe out of our control. With retrograde Saturn in Aquarius moving towards it's square to Uranus again contractions and sudden fluctuations in the world economy will abound. World leaders are really being urged by this energy to come together to find workable solutions to regain balance and stability. We may see earth events at this time with the Uranus energy conjunct the north node stimulated by the moon conjunct our God of endings to bring in new beginnings Pluto. There's a desperate need for healing on a grand scale. But we all have to want it.


If relationships have been going through a difficult time then this full moon is asking you to communicate thoughtfully and with kindness to allow a new way of working together to emerge. And if you both recognise that you've reached the end of the road to let go of each other gracefully and with gratitude for what you shared together. If you're single and open to a new relationship this full moon could trigger someone coming into your life in a very unexpected way. And as I've mentioned in the overview this is not the best time for splashing out on extravagance, but a time for being cautious and keeping our eye on the ball.


This is in some ways a full moon about the inner you and about what beliefs and inner rules you live by that no longer serve you or the significant relationships in your life. If we change ourselves and find flexibility in our inner rules and beliefs, and if we challenge ourselves it enables us to find realistic ways to transform our ways of thinking and being which reverberates through everyone we come in contact with. And this is how ultimately we enable the planet to transform.

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