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Full Buck Moon in Aquarius July 24th 2021

The Buck moon is also known as the thunder moon, as there were often thunderstorms in July in the Northern Hemisphere. It is called the Buck Moon as the antlers of a young stag would by now be fully grown. A strong symbol of adulthood and maturity.

The Astrological Bit :

  • The full moon is exact at 04:37:47 CEDT

  • The sun is at 01degree and 26’ of Leo conjunct Mercury in Cancer.

  • The moon is opposite, making it a full moon in Aquarius conjunct retrograde Pluto in Capricorn, and in a wide conjunction to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius.

  • Retrograde Jupiter in Pisces is opposite Mars in late degrees of Leo, and Venus in early degrees of Virgo.

  • Retrograde Neptune in Pisces trines Mercury in Cancer..

  • Retrograde Saturn still squares Uranus in Taurus.

A Battle Of Wills Doesn't Have To Be Destructive. Allow The Full Moon Tension To Clear Out What No Longer Serves You.

Retrograde Pluto is a big player in this months lunar cycles. We had Pluto in opposition to the July 10th New Moon in Cancer, and now the moon has joined forces in a very early degree of Aquarius to Pluto, still retrograde in Capricorn, and, with retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, widely conjunct this Full Moon, the clearing for new growth that started with the new moon, now begs us to take the final action needed to close a door firmly on the past. We have had to keep up with the technological revolution, that we’ve experienced since the onset of the pandemic, and lockdowns, meaning working remotely. And if this has been challenging for you, now is the time to smarten up or get left behind. Harsh, I know, but retrograde Saturn is bringing a slowing down in general to help with this. Also retrograde Jupiter is going to slip back into Aquarius a few days after this full moon, to bring opportunities for learning about new ways of working.

The Full Moon is in the fixed sign of Aquarius, hence the Sun is in the fixed sign of Leo, that wants to play and have fun. This fixed energy is in conflict with the Cardinal energy of Capricorn, where retrograde Pluto is residing, urging us still to transform, and Mercury in the Cardinal sign of Cancer, is keeping news and information flooding in courtesy of the trine from retrograde Neptune in Pisces. When energy is fixed it literally means how it sounds, that it’s difficult to get things moving, and yet the Cardinal energies involved, implies a desperate urging from the cosmos to get out of the stale mate energies of this Full Moon, to allow in, the transformation for all of us that Pluto offers.

For all the inside information on this full moon watch live stream on July 24th at 20:00 on Facebook via Gozo in the House.

On a collective stage this full moon implores leaders to communicate with thought, to encourage internet use and connectivity to be freely available. There’s a necessary transparency of information required to rebuild confidence in the collective.

On a personal level, how transparent are you with not only yourself but others? How clear are you in your communication with yourself and others? How aware are you of the words you use, especially to yourself ? Words have vibrations on a soul level that can keep us on an inner hamster wheel of fixed energies. Change the way you talk to yourself. Change the words you use. Choose words wisely so as to empower you and others. This full moon gives you that opportunity to end ways of communicating, and also inner belief systems that do not achieve anything for you.

Remember if you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got. This is a well known counselling saying. It’s simple but says it all.

And check out your August monthly astrology for all the Zodiac signs on YouTube.

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