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Full Blood Moon in Aries

9th October 2022

Have faith and let go.

Relationship healing requires thoughtful discussion and listening.

Full moon conjunct Chiron

Sun conjunct Venus in Libra

Uranus square Saturn

Moon sextile Saturn

Saturn trine Sun in Libra

Neptune sextile Pluto

Mars in Gemini trine Saturn and Sun Venus in Libra


So even though this full moon is in Aries which is fiery and cardinal. There are softer energies which tone down its impact. Firstly the full moon is making a gentle sextile to both Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. And they form the top part of a kite formation with a Grand Air trine between Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun conjunct Venus in Libra and Mars in Gemini. So, how does this play out for us? Kites need the wind to fly so as well as this guiding us to rise above the problems of the earth it’s asking us to have faith in the changing energies and to see with Eagle sight the bigger picture being played out whether that’s on the world stage or on a personal level. Mars in Gemini also squares Neptune in Pisces suggesting fighting talk that may be deceptive or misplaced. Pluto, now direct trines Mercury also direct, but still in shadow implying there will be groundbreaking discussions and no stone will be left unturned. We still have the Saturn Uranus square suggesting stalemate and fear. And the ongoing square from Pluto to Eris widely conjunct the Full Moon. This brings riots and protests the like of which we are already seeing in various places around the world.


So what does this all mean? In the event chart, the moon is full in the sector that represents the world at large. We have seen continued protests about injustices. Fear about outcomes. Aries is ruled by Mars and is the sign of war or fighting as one struggles to have one’s ego accepted. But full moons are about endings and change. So what has to be lost or given up for the promise of peace represented by Libra? The Grand Air Trine brings hope that warring sides find balance. I can leave you to fill in the blanks of the parts of the world this may be playing out in. But Russia, Iran and I don’t think the UK will be far behind as the economy spirals out of control. With Venus in the sign it rules conjunct the Sun in Libra, therefore in opposition to the full moon in Aries we can see the possibility that the economy will balance itself a bit after what has seemed like catastrophic decisions made in the UK and the recent turbulence is a result of the Saturn and Uranus square which is in its final stages through the first half of October so that even though austerity will be necessary there will also be a sense of relief that the energies have balanced and calmed down with the full moon.


This is a full moon where we need to nurture ourselves and others. The extraordinary energies we are all navigating will have made us aware that certain ways of personal behaviour whether that’s in our spending pattern or emotional commitment to certain areas of our life have to change or end. So that our rebirth into a better version of ourselves for the times we are living in can be achieved. Sometimes we have to give something up or let someone go for personal piece of mind and growth. Aries is about positive growth for the self. What behaviours do you need to let go of? Which people are not helpful for you emotionally or practically? Use this Aries Full Moon energy to make changes that can help you grow and find better emotional balance. Where do you need a touch of rebellion in your life to establish new rules? And just trust that what leaves your life at this time really had no place in being there in the first place.


The destiny of the collective comes through letting go of the old ways of doing things. The future is allowed to come in through a balancing of family values, of human values, of respect for life, in recognition that everyone has the right to their opinion but not the right to kill for it.

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