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December 2021 Astrology

A search for truth and understanding.

Sun in Sagittarius till 22nd then moves into Capricorn

Mercury in Sagittarius till 14th then moves into Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn till 19th then turns retrograde


Mars in Scorpio till 14th then moves into Sagittarius

Jupiter in Aquarius till 30th then moves into Pisces

Saturn in Aquarius from 24th till 29th exact square to retrograde Uranus in Taurus exact on 24th at 11dg 05 minutes

Neptune in Pisces goes direct on the 2nd

Pluto in Capricorn conjunct Venus in Capricorn from 11th to 15th Mercury an Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on 30th

Eris in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries square Venus in Capricorn

New moon total solar eclipse on 4th in Sagittarius

Full Moon on 19th in Gemini

“It is not entertainment I am seeking. It is understanding. Understanding, understanding, and more understanding. I will stuff myself with it, sniff it up with every pore, cram it into every orifice. Someday it will pay off. Everything will fall into its proper place, and I will at last understand.”

This is a quote by Laurel Coldman and is used by Steven Forrest in his book The Inner Sky to describe the nature of the personality of Sagittarius.

And as a Sagittarius native you will most probably resonate with this quote. So how do the energies of Sagittarius affect the rest of us ? During this season there will be more determination to seek the truth. There will be an urgency to understand the current events we are facing, and a desperation to find solutions whether this is on the world stage, or on a personal level. Truth and understanding that can lead to solving the problems will be high on our agendas. Whilst writing this on 1st November 2021 the big news is about the Climate Change conference in Glasgow. We will have to get used to this topic as it’s going to be one of the most important challenges any of us have ever faced.

And here we are in Sagittarius season, with the astrological energies building up towards the last of the exact squares between retrograde Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. There final meeting is on 24th December no less, will this be an ‘ouch’ Christmas ? Well let’s see what leads us to this point.

Neptune, our planet of what’s unseen and hidden, and also smoke and mirrors, but it can also represent viruses and it goes direct on 2nd December in Pisces. So there maybe vaccine and medical improvements for COVID made public.

The 4th of December sets the scene with a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, a solar eclipse can only happen with a new moon. So what new avenues will open up for us with this new moon ? With Mercury conjunct the new moon solar eclipse one can expect large amounts of information becoming available, so it may well be that the climate agenda is still the main focus, as various groups debate and argue the details and potential solutions. It may well be that it’s down to a single person to bring the warring factions together to heal differences, and to recognise, that with this problem we have to be on the same side if we are going to succeed.

Venus our planet of love, beauty and relationships, as well as self worth, and value and money. Spends all month in Capricorn, and between the 11th, when Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and they are conjunct through till the 19th when Venus turns retrograde. What does this energy represent?

Venus in Capricorn represents the value of larger institutions, and with the conjunction with Pluto, our planet of endings beginnings and transformation. We may see banking in the news headlines, even the collapse of a big traditional financial institution, especially around the time of its retrograde, and during the weeks following. It could link in with the final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus retrograde in Taurus. As the final square can represent some kind of resolution or solution, and the fact that Uranus is part of this equation suggests shock at the crumbling of a traditional institution. This would set off shock waves in the financial sector, so that with Saturn causing a slowdown and contraction we better make sure we do our Christmas shopping early as we may not be feeling so flush to hit the January sales.

By the 30th of December Mercury will also be in conjunction with both retrograde Venus and Pluto in Capricorn so harsh hard talk and facts will have to be faced. This will be to do with the old ways of running businesses, and having to accept if one is going to succeed, big changes have to be implemented to keep up with a fast changing world.

The Full Moon this month is in Gemini on the 19th, with a big emphasis on the best way to handle communication. Jupiter in Aquarius is in a helpful aspect, but with Uranus squared to Saturn in the background we have to be mindful about big talk that makes promises impossible to keep. And as this full moon coincides with the Pluto, Venus conjunction, it could well represent the ending of a large institution that could be in banking, but equally could be the ending of a large news and information service.

I also want to mention briefly about the Eris square with both Pluto and Venus. Which is around throughout the month. Feminine energy is certainly seeing a resurgence and and we could see plenty of fighting talk from women in leading roles, and maybe a controversial elevation of an important woman to a key role in current affairs.

Finally Jupiter leaves Aquarius on 30 th December and moves into the sign of Pisces, which it co rules with Neptune. But more of that next year as Jupiter moves towards a beautiful conjunction with the planet Neptune.

The full astrological overview with horoscopes for each Zodiac sign can be found on my YouTube channel Penny Dix AstroCoach

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